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Return & Refund Policy

1.Return without Reason
When you received your package and you thought you did not like it anymore and you would like to return it, under this case, you will not get 100% refund if Trustmade agree with your return and refund application.
You have to pay repacking & restocking fees of 20% order price. And return shipping fees paid by you as well.
Trustmade will refund you when checked return items are in good condition.
Please notice Trustmade is also qualified for refuse the return and refund request.

2.Out of Stock
When your order is out of stock, our customer service will contact you as soon as possible. They will ask whether you want to wait for the products to be restocked or exchange for another product. You are also entitled to a full refund.

3.Broken Promise of Restocking & Order Shipped out Time
Products you ordered were out of stock but Trustmade has replenishments on the way to their warehouse. Trustmade gave you replenishment & estimated order shipped out time. You agreed with waiting for replenishments.
Under this case, your orders still can not be shipped out in any reasons, you're qualified for a full refund.

4.Received Wrong Item
Mistakes happen. If you receive the wrong products, you should send photos or videos as proof to Trustmade.
If you do not wish to keep the products, Trustmade will send you a shipping label to send the goods back. Once Trustmade receives the goods back, we will ship the correct product you ordered.
You are also eligible for a full refund. Once you return the wrong products to Trustmade in good condition, they will issue the full refund. Trustmade is in charge of the return shipping fees.

5.Partial Items Shipped
When you received your package and find that part of product isn't included, you should immediately take photos to send to Trustmade. Ask Trustmade to ship the missing item or issue a refund.
You could choose to keep the products and Trustmade will issue a refund based on what you have received.
You can also return the products in good condition for a full refund. Return shipping fees is Trustmade's responsibility.

6.Payment Issue
If you accidently are charged more than your order total, please contact customer service as soon as possible. We will refund you if you are wrongfully charged.

7.Wrong Shipping Address
If you accidently submitted the wrong address when you placed your order, contact Trustmade immediately to modify your shipping address.
If the products were missing in transport, you could ask Trustmade to reship the new products to your correct address. You will be responsible for paying the shipping charges.
If the products returned to Trustmade's warehouse successfully, you can ask for the products to be shipped to your correct address. You will be responsible for paying the shipping charges.
You are also able to cancel your order, but you could get refund only half your order price.

8.Products With Quality Issues
When you received your package and find products with quality issues, you should contact Trustmade and send photos or videos as proof asking for after-sales service.
In this case Trustmade would issue a 100% refund to you after you return the products in good condition.
If you choose to replace the products, please return the products with the quality issues to Trustmade's warehouse first. After the goods are received and inspected, the replacement products will be shipped.

9.Broken Product
If you received a broken product, you should submit an after-sales application and send proof to the supplier (photo, video) asking for after-sales service within 5 days after the package was delivered to you. Trustmade will replace or issue a full refund.




Warehouse/Showroom:  1150 S Milliken Ave., Ontario, CA 91761