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Advantages and suggestions of roof racks

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Advantages and suggestions of roof racks

It is normal for people who have purchased a private car to care about car peripheral products. For car owners who like to travel by car, they will pay more attention to self-driving travel equipment, such as roof luggage,roof rack, roof rainproof bag, etc. A range of equipment. Many people buy a car not only to meet the needs of daily transportation but also to go out and travel by car during the holidays. So when it comes to self-driving travel, everyone will find distress, that is, there is too much luggage when going out. If the trunk of the car is too small, there is no place to put the luggage. Given this problem, a roof rack was born. Some cars will have a roof rack on the roof, which is also found on many SUVs and off-road vehicles.

Here is the content list:

  • The benefits of roof racks.

  • Recommendations after installing a roof rack

The benefits of roof racks.

First of all, the storage space is large, which makes the passengers feel very comfortable. A car roof rack is equivalent to increasing the storage space of the car. If you put everything in the trunk or the car, the space inside the car is much less. With the roof rack, it is different. The packaged items can be fixed on the roof, which greatly saves space in the car, and is more convenient and practical. Secondly, the roof rack on the roof can also hold bicycles. The general trunk can not hold bicycles, but if the bicycles are fixed on the roof, there is no problem at all. Wouldn't it be wonderful to be able to drive and ride a bicycle when you reach your destination? However, I still want to remind everyone that the items on the roof cannot exceed 0.5 meters, otherwise it is illegal.

Recommendations after installing a roof rack

Installing a roof rack not only expands the usable space of the vehicle but also means that the height and weight of the vehicle have changed. You need to adapt to this change in time and adjust your driving habits and style. After the roof rack is installed, it will be more sensitive to lateral wind. And with the increase in the center of gravity of the vehicle (especially after loading items), it is necessary to pay extra attention to safety when driving on curves and braking. According to the requirements of domestic traffic regulations, we strongly recommend that the maximum speed of cars with roof racks be limited to 120 kilometers per hour.

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