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Trustmade has all the gear you need for your adventure. 


Explore rooftop tents, car camping gear, 

camping accessories, and more.





Smooth, easy to ride and built to last

Truck and off-road auto parts

Get The Best Gear For Your Outdoor Adventure

At Trustmade, our team works directly with the manufacturer to create a curated selection of high-quality products. Trustmade offers rooftop tents, roof rack, car portable fridge, electric bikes and other car camping gear. We understand our customers’ needs because we, ourselves, are outdoor enthusiasts. By offering a wide variety of-quality off-road products at affordable prices, we can reach our goal to make camping safe, easily accessible, and convenient for any camper.

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2022 Outdoor Retailer Show in Denver

Outdoor Retailer is North America’s largest tradeshow in the outdoor industry drawing attendees from around the world. Trustmade Rooftop Tents, Trustmade Electric Bikes and other products are popular in the show.

Trustmade helps U.S. retailers, importers…

Trustmade helps U.S. retailers, importers, global suppliers and manufacturers successfully bring new products into…

What is the role of the roof rack?

Roof racks first appeared on foreign station wagons, and more often appeared in the form of a combination of "luggage basket + fixed rope", supplemented by practical decoration. For long-distance vehicles (not just SUVs), you can install roof racks according to your own needs, such as placing bicycles or luggage, etc. Now SUVs are more for walking in the city, and vehicles do not need to carry a lot of luggage, so the car roof rack now has more functions.




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