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Analysis of Electric Scooter's exterior shape and material process elements

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Analysis of Electric Scooter's exterior shape and material process elements

Electric Scooter is a kind of battery-powered, motor-driven skateboard product that cannot be ridden by human power. Its characteristics are two wheels arranged in a straight line in front and behind, the battery mainly uses lithium-ion batteries, and some vehicles also have a small saddle. Next, let's take a look at the Electric Scooter's exterior styling and material process elements analysis.

Here is the content list:

  • Exterior styling analysis

  • Analysis of material process elements

Exterior styling analysis

During the development of industrial design, the appearance of industrial design products has undergone several historical stages of development. From the early days of industrial design, with the improvement of processing technology, it began to move from simple to complex, to the lofty ideal of "new unity of art and technology", and then to the slogan of "form follows function". Today it is simple and complex, and people gradually accept and pursue the style of simple design, from "less is more to" minimalism, which is influenced by Scandinavian design. However, during this period, the shape itself should have attributes that cannot be ignored. To better guide the design of the Electric Scooter, the shape of the Electric Scooter should be designed by today's design principles, and these principles should be adopted to meet our design requirements.

Analysis of material process elements

The selection of environmentally friendly materials should first focus on the selection of materials that have been achieved to optimize the structure of the product and save public resources. This concept is in line with the design concept of the Electric Scooter, the use of environmentally friendly energy as a power source, in line with the overall trend of national new energy development. Material texture is the surface treatment of the product, the material brought to people's visual perception, texture is the result of the interaction of many elements, such as gloss, texture, color, and transparency, which are unique to the product, so in the design of the choice of Electric Scooter materials to follow the following principles.

1, Coordination, in general, the commonality between materials is a prerequisite requirement for unification, the coordination of materials itself has a certain regularity, and as long as any color, texture, texture, and gloss have common characteristics, they can be combined to form a coordinated effect.

2、Difference, in the design, we should not only make reasonable use of the textural contrast between materials but also make full use of the color contrast effect between materials, so that there is a hierarchy between colors so that it produces full coordination used to create a sense of difference in the product.

3, Order, the use of several materials to build the order of each other is the order of the material, the most basic method is to make the use of materials according to a certain rule to equal or equal proportion so that it is used as a prerequisite to produce order.

According to the above principles, the designed scooter will use the following materials. Polyvinyl chloride thermoplastic elastomer was chosen as the material for the handlebar handrail design to make it shockproof and anti-slip as well as sweat-absorbent. The key factor in selecting this material is its good weather resistance and aging resistance. Aluminum alloy has high strength, light density, and good corrosion resistance, so the scooter bracket is selected from aluminum and chrome-plated aluminum alloy materials. The material of the handlebar and hub is selected from aluminum alloy which is not easy to lose color and rust. This material has the nature of high strength, is lightweight, easy to carry, has strong hardness, and good performance, so the scooter has the advantages of easy coloring and scratch resistance. The tires are made of PU wheels with good aging resistance and wear resistance, which have the advantages of high elasticity and toughness.

The above is about Electric Scooter's appearance modeling and material process elements analysis, if you are interested in adult electric scooters, or fast electric scooters, you can contact us, our website is




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