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Analysis of Electric Scooter's structure, function, and human-machine interface

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Analysis of Electric Scooter's structure, function, and human-machine interface

Electric Scooter is a new type of convenient short-distance transportation. Its rise is closely related to the current situation of increasingly crowded cities and people in a hurry. At the beginning of its development, the Electric Scooter is a new leisure and entertainment product, which is loved by young consumers. And because of its lightweight, labor-saving, foldable features, some fashionable urban commuters also use it as a walking tool, then Electric Scooter structure and function and human-machine interface analysis is what? Let's take a look together.

Here is the content list:

  • Analysis of structural and functional elements

  • Human-machine interface analysis

Analysis of structural and functional elements

Electric Scooter working principle: when ready to ride the bike before driving, press a button to stand rt, and the controller gives its power to enter the standby state; when the person rotates the speed control handle, the speed control signal is sent to the controller through the output lead, the controller makes a corresponding response according to the received signal strength, output the signal to drive and control the motor rotation; the motor rotates and drives the rear wheel to rotate, and the electric bike starts on the road. The electric car starts on the road. In the process of driving, when the brake handle is pressed, the brake handle will send the braking signal to the controller through the signal line, and the controller will immediately issue the command to disconnect the motor power when it receives the braking signal.

The Electric Scooter design requirements summarized the following functional elements: high-performance Electric Scooter. complete shock absorption system, strong range, portable and convenient, perfect brake system, environmentally friendly and lightweight materials. The product is strong and durable. Considering the actual use of outdoor, the body structure and connections and other strong and durable to strengthen its performance.

1, Portability, folding convenience, simple operation, adults and children can be operated, folded scooter compact shape, easy to drag.

2、With waterproof and anti-corrosion function. The rainy season in the southern region is mostly cold and wet structure so the product has waterproof and anti-corrosion.

3、Intelligent integrated control. Convenient for the operator to use the cell phone in timely control, to achieve intelligent travel.

Human-machine interface analysis

From the existing market survey and analysis, people have more specific requirements for the details of the product on the operating interface. With the development of the existing interface design, the software is more interactive and updated quickly, the game interface is constantly enriched and other features are constantly changing the way people operate, bringing more vitality and visual stimulation to life to meet different customer requirements. At the same time, the convenience of product operation is also being improved, and the interactive design of the interface will also develop in a more user-friendly direction. The development of interface style has also evolved from 3D and anthropomorphic to simple and flat.

As a communication channel between the user and the information system, the user interface plays the role of a medium for information exchange between the system and people and is also a visual representation of the information architecture and structure of the system. The user interface, as an important way for users to get information and the main body of information navigation function, has always been in the core position. The core of the Electric Scooter is to use innovative new energy to provide users with environmentally friendly and convenient products, and its design should pay more attention to the practical to meet people's needs for functionality, and at the same time, aesthetics in the design.

The above is about Electric Scooter's structure, function, and human-machine interface analysis, if you are interested in adult electric scooters, or fast electric scooters, you can contact us, our website is




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