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Analysis of the design elements of the Electric Bike

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Analysis of the design elements of the Electric Bike

The ergonomics of the Electric Bike are based on shape, color, material, and technology. In terms of shape, the most distinctive style of the Electric Bike is the frame of the Electric Bike. The frame of the Electric Bike reflects the overall style and characteristics of the Electric Bike, and the quality of the Electric Bike is determined by the quality of the frame, which is equivalent to the human skeleton. There are many variations in the shape of an Electric Bike, but the requirements in terms of driving speed and weight capacity are much higher than those of a bicycle, so the application of materials and the structural design of the frame are much more rigorous.

Here is the content list:

  • In the design

  • In the material

In the design

In the design of the Electric Bike, we have to take into account both the design needs of the consumers and the structural characteristics of the Electric Bike itself. In terms of color, since the number of parts of the Electric Bike has increased, the use of color to highlight the key parts and larger parts of the Electric Bike not only serves as a decoration for the Electric Bike but also serves to emphasize and reinforce its function. In product design, color not only attracts consumers' visual sensation but also increases the added value of the product and enhances purchasing power. Nowadays, the homogenization of electric bicycles is becoming more and more serious, and the demand for personalized consumption is becoming more and more obvious. When people buy an Electric Bike, the first thing they see is the color and appearance of the bike, followed by the shape and lines of the foldable ebike. Therefore, the color design of the foldable ebike is very important to distinguish the brand characteristics and attract consumers. Therefore, combining popular color factors and consumer psychology, and then using high-quality colors to reflect the care for human nature, the overall color of the Electric Bike finally completes the hobby and taste of the rider. Nowadays, the consumer groups of electric bicycles are mainly young people after 90 and office workers after 80, these people like fashion and personality, so the design of electric bicycles should meet their consumption psychology.

In the material

The importance of human sensation and perception cannot be ignored, and the texture of materials is also a form of artistic expression. By using better materials, the surface mechanics of the materials can give people rich visual and tactile associations. The small rounded protrusions on the handlebar of the foldable ebike increase the friction between the hand and the handlebar, which not only ensures the rider's safe control but also increases the interaction with the Electric Bike, prompting the rider to use force to manipulate the handlebar. In choosing materials, designers should consider not only the strength, hardness, and wear resistance of the material, but also the emotional communication between the material and the rider. Different materials have different textures and texture characteristics, giving the user different psychological feelings, such as aluminum and steel conveying a modern technological atmosphere, while wood and porcelain present a traditional, natural, and harmonious flavor. The application of these materials to the product design will make the product have a certain visual effect and tactile perception accordingly. Therefore, it is important to understand and analyze the performance characteristics, texture, and texture of the materials, and to reasonably select and utilize them to meet the design needs of the product and the needs of consumers.

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