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Brief introduction of the roll-up tonneau cover

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Brief introduction of the roll-up tonneau cover

With the installation of a pickup with a tonneau cover, storage space is increased and the safety and privacy of the cargo box are improved. It is more suitable for users to carry their pets, fishing tools barbecue grills, etc. for outdoor activities on weekends. Many pickup truck owners have considered the pickup truck roll-up tonneau cover when adding the rear cover, but is the pickup truck roll-up rear cover really good? In fact, yes. Pickup truck roll-up rear cover, as the name suggests, is a kind of roll-up rear cover, there are divided into a soft roll-up and hard roll-up, open the back of the pickup truck is directly rolled up to close the roll-up rear cover.

tonneau cover

Here is the content:

l Comparison with other back covers

l Classification

l High-quality requirements

Comparison with other back covers

Because the roll-up tonneau cover is not so easy to cause wear and tear damage, despite the frequent roll-up and put away to collect. And it does not take up much space, because most of the roll-up curtain is level with the height of the back of the pickup truck, and the pickup truck flat cover, but in areas with hail or something, be careful to use it because the hail is likely to smash the tonneau cove. Overall, its practicality is higher.

If it is other tonneau covers, such as pickup truck flat top rear cover or pickup truck high top rear cover. It will look a little better if you install these rear covers, and you can also choose a pickup truck hatchback sport slant cover. If you want to keep secrecy a little higher, you can also choose a pickup truck flat top blind window hard tonneau cover or a pickup truck high top blind window rear cover, a fully enclosed rear cover to protect privacy.


Rolling tonneau cove, divided into electric and manual. The manual model is a three-position switch closure, which is quite practical. Because to consider the roll-up cover is load-bearing, not easy to deform, waterproof, and rust-proof, so the use of aluminum alloy. Just aluminum alloy and paint fit are not high (the same baking paint process, for iron products, will not lose paint, but for aluminum products is difficult), so the need to use the spraying process.

High-quality requirements

At the same time, because the roll-up cover is assembled products, the parts of the high requirements of the qualified rate, coupled with the roll-up cover of the push and pull the use of high frequency, the road conditions of each place, and the weather are different, so it is a test of technology and technology, only through many tests to be qualified products, which is also on the market some imitation products do not have.

Rolling truck tonneau covers can be popular for such a long time, you can see that the pickup truck whether as a tool car or passenger car, in terms of modification or need to fit the use of demand. It is the responsibility of every manufacturer to produce standard tonneau cover to ensure the healthy development of the market. Trustmade has conducted several tests on the products before leaving the factory, and the quality pass rate is guaranteed. You can consider our cost-effective products.




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