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Classification of the tonneau cover

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Classification of the tonneau cover

We will often see pickup trucks with tonneau cover. And there are two main types of rear covers: flat and high. Next, we will introduce the types of the pickup tonneau cover and their characteristics:

Here is the content:

l Flat cover

l High cover

Flat cover

1、Hydraulic flat cover

The hydraulic flat tonneau cover is the classic flat cover for a pickup truck. It is made of high-quality composite material, with lightweight, no deformation, heavy load, and other characteristics; easy to install, open flexible, and reliable locking. This kind of cargo cover is cheap and connected with the cargo box in the form of a hydraulic brace. Structural parts, open more conveniently. At present, this kind of loan box cover in the market is relatively rare.

2、Roll-up cover

There are two kinds of roll-up tonneau cover: manual roll-up and electric roll-up. The manual roll-up cover uses the switch is controlled by using the drawcord and spiral spring mechanism

The above two kinds of flat tonneau cover are more flexible and changeable. Electric rolling shutter open using motor control, and manual rolling shutter compared to the overall properties of a greater increase, of course, the price is not expensive.

High cover

There are three main types of high tonneau cover for cargo boxes: flat top cover, face cover, and slant cover. According to the open cover form and both sides of the glass when you can open and so on also divided into many subdivisions of the category, similar to three open cargo box cover, fully closed blind window cargo box cover, side window closed cargo box cover and other models.

1、Flat top cover

As the name implies, the height of the cargo cover and the front cab flush

2、High roof cargo cover

The overall height of the hard tonneau covers is higher than the front cab. The height of the regular high roof cargo cover is about 15cm higher than the cab. To meet the special custom need to increase the height, some factories can be produced according to customer demand, to meet the needs of the majority of car users

3. Slanting cover

Slanting cover is also known as the sports section cargo cover. The overall appearance of this truck tonneau cover is sporty, novel style, smooth lines, installation, and axle lines fit perfectly, are the new models just released in these years. The new model just came out these years. This cargo cover appears, in line with the trend of pickup truck passenger development, and is liked by the majority of pickup truck owners. It is loved by pickup truck owners.

The owners choose to install the tonneau cover to better protect the goods in the cargo box. The above is the introduction of the types of pickup tonneau cover. Although the appearance of the pickup truck is not very good, it is a popular model and has many loyal fans. The main reason why owners like it is that it has a very good cargo carrying capacity, and if you pull cargo on the road without permission like a van, you will be punished. If you want to install the rear cover, you can arrange it reasonably according to the rules of use.




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