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Do you know about a car side awning?

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Do you know about a car side awning?

In the current colorful RV market, no matter which RV, among the standard options, there is always some configuration that every RV must be equipped with, that is, the car side awning.


Here is the content list:

1. What is the role of the car side awning?

2. How to maintain the car awning?


What is the role of the car side awning?

We all know that the car side awning is a retractable shed installed on the outside of the car body. So what is the role of the car side awning?

1. Blocking the sun must be the primary function of the car side awning. In the hot summer, when camping in the wild, the car side awning will provide you with a hint of coolness and block UV damage to your skin. It is necessary to prepare the artifact.

2. In case of a drizzle, but you don't want to be bored in the car all the time, the car side awning will work. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery in the rain under the car side awning and feel the comfort of the light rain and breeze!

3. In addition to the above two functions, this small car side awning can also expand a living room for your RV camping, and it is also an outdoor living room. Together with relatives and friends, find an open space, open the car side awning, set up tables and chairs, fry a side dish, have a barbecue, or have a tea and chat, and have intimate contact with nature. Isn't it poetic?


How to maintain the car awning?

For the maintenance of the car side awning, we need to pay attention to two aspects: one is that every time the season changes, we need to carry out targeted investigations on the hardware part of the car side awning; the second is to regularly provide the car side awning. Lubricate the buttons, handles, and knobs.

For a practical and ordinary accessory such as a car side awning, the probability of being damaged is still quite high. The main reason for its damage is water and strong wind. Under normal circumstances, such damage is identified as man-made damage. There is no warranty, so we need to pay attention to the following points when using the car side awning:

1. When using the car side awning on rainy days, keep the awning tilted so that rainwater can flow down the inclined angle without causing accumulation of water in the awning;

2. When there is strong wind or there is no one next to the car, put away the car side awning;

3. When applying lubricating oil, try to avoid oil stains on the awning cloth, because the lubricating oil is an extract of crude oil, which will damage the car side awning cloth.

From this point of view, the car side awning is indeed a very practical tool for the outdoor camping life of the RV. When you are traveling and camping, the car side awning can provide you with shade and protect you from the rain, and it can also add an artistic conception to you when you are drinking tea with your friends. Why not take good care of the equipment that is used so frequently when the car goes out. Therefore, the correct maintenance of the car side awning is also very important.


It is the responsibility of each manufacturer to produce car side awnings that meet the standards, to ensure the healthy development of the car side awning market. The Trustmade Co., Ltd. company conducts many tests on car side awning before they leave the factory, and the quality qualification rate is guaranteed. If you are in the car side awning business, you can consider our cost-effective products.




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