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Do you know how to use a portable fridge?

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Do you know how to use a portable fridge?

In the past few years, portable fridges were still a very tall optional device. Generally, those with onboard portable fridges are very high-end luxury cars. However, with the advancement of technology, many portable fridges for the car have come out. Convenient, but some car owners and friends have to ask, will I have such a thing in my car, will it consume more power? Let's take a look together below!


Here is the content list:

Does the portable fridge for the car consume power?

What types of portable car refrigerators are there?

What should I pay attention to when using a portable fridge?


Does the portable fridge for the car consume power?

The power consumption of a refrigerator depends not only on the volume that needs to be refrigerated but also on the working efficiency of the compressor. The higher the efficiency, the lower the power consumption. Generally, the smaller the volume, the lower the power consumption rate. Portable fridges for cars consume very little power, generally tens of watts. Car refrigerators consume very little power. When the car is started, the portable fridge uses the electricity of the generator, and the portable fridge transfers the electricity consumption to the battery when it is parked. Anyone who has a large refrigerator at home knows that it takes several hours for a drink to cool down when it is put in the refrigerator. The same is true for a car refrigerator. It takes 2-5 hours for a drink to cool down.

What types of portable car refrigerators are there?

Portable refrigerators are the continuation of household refrigerators. Today, when the audience of portable fridges is getting wider and wider, many people don't know how to use them after purchasing portable fridges. There are three types of portable fridges for the car on the market: compressors, semiconductor electronics, and passive (refrigerant) ones. Generally, the temperature and time requirements are not high, and the price is also suitable for the two types of semiconductor electronics and passive. Go out for fun and carry it with you for refrigeration. Any drink is fine.

What should I pay attention to when using a portable fridge?

When buying a portable fridge, you must also buy a multi-function socket, which can ensure that your refrigerator, car lights, hands-free equipment, etc. are used at the same time. It is best to be equipped with a power converter to ensure that the refrigerator is used at home and in the car. When using a car refrigerator, try not to get water into the air inlet, otherwise, the car refrigerator will strike. No magnetic objects can be placed in the inner liner of the refrigerator to prevent the internal refrigeration chip from being affected.

Do not let hot and corrosive objects inside the box to avoid damage to the inner tank. When switching from one temperature mode to another, cut off the power for 8-10 minutes. When putting it in the car, remember to cut off the power of the product after turning off the engine. All refrigerators have air outlets for heat dissipation. Be careful not to block the air outlets when placing them.

Trustmade has developed a variety of portable fridges and conducted a lot of tests before leaving the factory to ensure quality. Trustmade is committed to select high-quality materials, professional design and production team, and integrate cutting-edge technology into product development, only to create perfect and trustworthy exquisite products. As long as the portable fridge for the car is not damaged by humans during the warranty period, Trustmade will provide a free warranty. If you are in the portable fridge business, you can consider using our cost-effective products.




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