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Electric Bike Battery Selection and Proper Use

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Electric Bike Battery Selection and Proper Use

Electric Bikes are constructed by installing a motor, charger, battery, and controller on top of a bicycle. The configuration of these parts makes the electric bicycle convenient and easy to control, and the electric bicycle has the advantages and characteristics of pedaling while achieving human power. The Electric Bike's motor, charger, battery, and controller models and types all have their characteristics that influence both the structural form and appearance of the Electric Bike. Let's take a look at the key points of foldable ebike batteries and their proper use.

Here is the content:

l The key points of battery purchase

l Proper use of batteries

The key points of battery purchase

Electric Bike AGM battery has the advantages of low cost and high discharge current, while GEL battery has a high cost, but has the advantages of stable performance, wide working temperature range, resistance to overcharge and over-discharge, long life, etc.

As a foldable ebike battery is a high current, and deep cycle discharge in most cases, therefore, Electric Bike battery is more suitable for a use gel battery. Colloidal batteries have strong resistance to over-discharge a and strong ability to preserve the electrolyte, avoiding the impact of over-discharge on the battery and the thermal runaway phenomenon caused by water loss of the battery.

The charging characteristics of various brands of lead-acid batteries are basically the same, but because the battery material formula, electrolyte concentration, and content of each manufacturer are different, Electric Bike charging voltage also has some differences, therefore, strictly speaking, the charging voltage scheme of the battery should be determined according to the specific requirements given by each battery manufacturer, other, wise it is easy to cause improper use of the battery.

The output power of the Electric Bike motor should match the rated power of the battery. Therefore, to prolong the service life of the battery, the motor power of the foldable ebike should be smaller than the rated power of the battery as much as possible to avoid the battery working under full load or overload conditions for a long time.

Proper use of batteries

When Electric Bike batteries are used in series, if the internal resistance of the batteries is inconsistent, the terminal voltage of the batteries during charging and discharging will be inconsistent, which will eventually cause premature failure due to undercharging of the whole battery. Therefore, in electric bicycles, the balanced consistency of the battery pack has a considerable impact on the service life of the battery. For the consumer, how wisely it is used can also have an impact on the balanced consistency of the battery and thus the life of the battery. According to the research and practical use of foldable ebike batteries for many years, we suggest consumers use the battery reasonably by the following methods.

(1) Electric Bike riding speed: 20-25km/h.

(2)Riding distance: 10-30km/day, depth of discharge less than or equal to 70% (deep discharge once every 2 months).

(3) Charging frequency: once a day.

(4) Load capacity: single person riding (can carry a child under 10 years old).

According to the above method, the better quality foldable ebike can reach 3-4 years or even 5 years with normal use, and the battery can be used for about 1.5 years. The shallower the depth of battery discharge, the longer the cycle life of the battery, the longer the battery life cycle. Therefore, consumers generally believe that charging once for one cycle is wrong. To make the battery life longer, you must always keep the battery in a fully charged state, and the negative plate of the battery will be easily salted in a long time of power loss, which will cause the loss of battery capacity and affect the service life of Electric Bike battery.

The above is about Electric Bike battery purchase points and reasonable use of the relevant content, if you are interested in Electric bikes, or foldable ebikes, you can contact us, our website is




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