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Electric Bike Frame Analysis

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Electric Bike Frame Analysis

The frame is the skeleton and main part of the Electric Bike, the strength of the frame determines the strength of the Electric Bike. The strength of the frame determines the strength of the Electric Bike. It not only reflects the shape and appearance of the Electric Bike, but also bears most of the weight of the Electric Bike, and largely determines the structure and performance of the Electric Bike. Therefore, the Electric Bike frame should have sufficient strength and stiffness to ensure adequate safety and service life, and the weight of the frame should be reduced as much as possible, so that the weight of the whole bike will be reduced to a certain extent, and the frame should conform to the coordination of all parts of the human body, so that the efficiency and comfort of riding will be in line with the human body, and thus realize the comfort, stability, and safety of the Electric Bike riding posture and riding. Next, let's take a look at the Electric Bike frame analysis.

Here is the content:

l Prismatic

l Interlocking type

l Ring type

l Hybrid

l H-Type

l U Type

l Pedal type

l Folding type


Most of the models with sporty performance use prismatic frame structures, such as mountain bikes and cross-country bikes, which are more suitable for men or sports lovers. Prongs are the most common type of frame construction for Electric Bikes because of their high rigidity, high-stress resistance, and simple processing, but their size is larger than other structures.

Interlocking type

This type of Electric Bike frame is mostly used in leisure bikes. Because the frame does not have a top tube, it is easy to get on and off the bike when riding and reduces the collision between the human body and the bike. The lower tube has a large weight cross between the lower tube and the tube, so the lower tube has a branch, which makes the material and hardness required for this frame structure higher.

Ring type

Suitable for women's bikes and leisure bikes, more suitable for women and smaller people and children. It is not suitable for heavy people and those who are overweight to use the ring type Electric Bike.


It is a more popular frame structure for both men and women, and is similar to the prismatic frame, featuring a lower tube and a lower saddle height, so it is easier to control and pedal.


The disadvantage of this frame is that the upper and lower tubes are not strong and hard enough to withstand too much gravity, but the advantage is that they can be folded for easy carrying and transportation.

U type

The frame structure will have the problem of gravity concentration at the bend, so the hardness and compression resistance of the foldable ebike tube structure needs to be strengthened.

Pedal type

As the name implies, this is a frame structure that can be pedaled. Electric Bike riders can put their feet on the pedals during the ride, which is a more comfortable frame structure. There are also lighter motorized bikes that have pedals, but their pedal function has been weakened.

Folding type

The main purpose of the folding frame type is to increase the portability of the Electric Bike. The main purpose of the folding frame is to install a rotating axle in the middle of the handlebar, which makes the whole bike smaller and easier to carry.

The above is the analysis of the Electric Bike frame, if you are interested in Electric Bike, or foldable ebike, you can contact us at




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