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​How is an e-bike assembled?

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​How is an e-bike assembled?

Tires, plastic parts, motors, screws and nuts and other accessories are needed to assemble an electric self-car, so how do you assemble an electric bike, and what are the considerations? The following is a detailed introduction.


Here is the content list:

How is an e-bike assembled?

Electric bicycle vehicle maintenance



How is an e-bike assembled?

Car faucet, dashboard installation

First, install the car tap to the front of the frame, then you can install the electric bicycle dashboard. Note: The dial is a built-in intelligent circuit board, and the outside is wrapped with plastic mold, the first place on the ground is the fixed mold of the dashboard and handlebar plastic parts, followed by the big black block is the shell that connects the dashboard and handlebar, the red border is the dashboard accessories attached to the outside of the intelligent circuit board in the figure below. The last is the installed faucet part.


The middle pedal, drive train, outsourcing plastic parts fixed

The front wheel is installed to install the middle of the frame, there are flat pedals to be fixed with screws and wrenches first, without this step will be omitted. Then install the transmission gear and chain. The outer plastic parts should be lightly taken and lightly installed, installed before the installation of the lights inside the hole to install the lights first, and then installed plastic parts.


The remaining decorative accessories assembly

Front lights, brakes, reflectors, saddles, storage boxes, these accessories should also be installed slowly, these parts of the installation of accessories can not be divided into order, need to pay attention to the slot to the card in place, the line of lights to the layout.


Line regulation and control

After the controller is installed in a good position, the lights, motor, dashboard, and other accessories that need a power supply can be wired and energized, and the wiring should be tested with a meter.


This is a complete electric bicycle assembly success!


Electric bicycle vehicle maintenance

Pay attention to cleaning first, especially after water in winter saltwater (many cities in winter after heavy snow spray saltwater to avoid icing) more timely cleaning, otherwise, it is easy to cause metal parts rust, paint film aging off. The second is to pay attention to the maximum adjustment of height. After riding a new e-bike for some time, according to the requirements of the manual, the whole e-bike should be checked and adjusted. Fastening and lubrication are essential. Check whether the fasteners are loose, whether the transmission parts are flexible, pay attention to the oil on the chain to clean the oil, the flywheel point a little oil can be. The tire should be properly inflated, otherwise, the e-bike will affect the comfort and service life of the ride. The brake is the basic guarantee of safety, but also should be checked at any time, as long as there are problems that should be immediately adjusted or repaired.



The first thing is to have patience, the second thing is to have ingenuity, relying on brute force alone will only make things awkward, and the third thing is memory.


It is the responsibility of each manufacturer to produce an angle steel straightening machine that meets the standards. Trustmade conducts many tests on an e-bike for connection before they leave the factory, and the quality qualification rate is guaranteed. If you are in the e-bike business, you can consider our cost-effective products.




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