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​How much do you know about car side awnings?

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​How much do you know about car side awnings?

In recent years, due to the many advantages of car side awning, more and more people have begun to consider installing a car side awning on their cars. But many people do not know much about the installation, use, and maintenance of car side awnings. Therefore, the following article will make a more comprehensive introduction to car side awnings.


Here is the list of contents.

1. What is a car side awning?

2. How is a car side awning classification?

3. How to take daily care of car side awning?


What is a car side awning?

The car side awning is a retractable shed installed on the outside of the car body, as the name suggests its main role is to shade the sun, rain (light rain), blocking ultraviolet rays, but also for outdoor camping to expand the space. Due to the rich functions of the car side awning, the car side awning has become a necessary configuration for more and more cars.

How is the car side awning classification?

Car side awnings are generally divided into two categories: manual and electric.

1. Manual car side awning

Advantages: unrestrained! Anytime and anywhere at will, do not rely on power, so you can say there is no limit, can have a long service life.   

2. Automatic car side awning

Advantages: labor-saving and fast! Just press the power button and it can be retracted within 1 minute. Automatic car side awning not only can save travel time but also can free people's hands and improve efficiency.

How to take daily care of car side awning?

1. Such as encountering high winds and heavy rain and other unfavorable conditions, should be put away the car side awning, try to avoid using the car side awning on a rainy day.

2. When using the car side awning on rainy days, keep a certain inclination slope, the purpose is to let the rainwater can flow down quickly and avoid water accumulation.

3. To regularly for the car side awning buttons, handles and knobs, and other metal parts of the lubricant, to prevent its rust, to avoid oil stains fall on the awning fabric and thus damage corrosion awning fabric.

4. Use the correct method to open the side awning to avoid damaging the parts due to the wrong way of opening.

5. Whenever there is a change of season, the hardware part of the car side awning should be inspected and repaired.

6. To prevent the awning from accumulating dust and mold, the awning should also be flushed with a water hose regularly, pay attention to wipe dry after flushing, and then put away.


The production of car side awnings that meet the standards is the responsibility of each manufacturer to ensure the healthy development of the car side awning market. The Trustmade Trustmade company has conducted several tests on the car side awning before leaving the factory, and the quality passing rate is guaranteed. If you are in the car side awning business, you can consider our cost-effective products.




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