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​How to buy an e-bike?

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​How to buy an e-bike?

E-bike has now been widely used in our lives, but they are in line with the national trend of energy conservation and environmental protection, which greatly facilitates short-distance transportation, and most importantly, it can also facilitate people's lives by saving energy and the environment. Below we will briefly introduce e-bike from several aspects such as the introduction, purchase method, and battery performance of e-bike.


Here is the content list:

What is an e-bike?

How to buy an e-bike?

What is the battery performance of an e-bike? 


What is an e-bike?

E-bike is divided into AC e-bike and DC e-bike. Generally speaking, an electric vehicle is a vehicle in which a battery is used as an energy source, and electrical energy is converted into mechanical energy movement through a controller, a motor, and other components, so as to control the current and change the speed of the vehicle. The history of e-bike predates our most common internal combustion engine-powered cars. The Hungarian inventor Jedlik Ányos, the father of the DC motor, first tested an electromagnetic rotating mobile device in a laboratory in 1828. American Thomas Davenport produced the first e-bike driven by a DC motor in 1834. In 1837, Thomas obtained the first patent in the US motor industry. Between 1832 and 1838, Scotsman Robert Anderson invented an electrically driven carriage, which was a vehicle driven by a non-rechargeable primary battery. In 1838, the Scottish Robert Davidson invented the electrically driven train. The team that still runs on the road is a patent that appeared in the UK in 1840.


How to buy an e-bike?

The first is the face of the e-bike. When you have determined a brand or a certain car model, the first thing is, of course, the appearance. The craftsmanship and level of the paint directly affect the first impression of this car. The paint materials include primer, topcoat, and varnish. Different brands of paint directly affect the final effect. Next is the lining. The structure of the entire electric vehicle is very simple, the basic units are the frame, plastic parts, shock absorption, battery, controller, and motor. The quality of the frame is particularly critical. Many users don't care about the quality of the frame because it is difficult to observe this part. The choice of batteries for an e-bike is also very important. A good battery can greatly reduce the later use and maintenance costs of consumers. Batteries are divided into lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries. The prices of batteries of different brands vary greatly, while for lithium batteries, the difference between different types is even greater, and the price difference between the second type of battery and the first type of battery is very different.


What is the battery performance of an e-bike?

Lead-acid batteries (lead-acid gel batteries) for e-bike are cheap and have stable performance. Most e-bike on the market use this type of battery. Lithium-ion batteries for an e-bike (often referred to as lithium batteries) have high cost but have the advantages of large specific energy, high specific power, low self-discharge, no memory effect, good cycle characteristics, wide operating temperature range, and no environmental pollution. Electric vehicle crystal gel batteries have high costs and stable performance. e-bike using this type of battery is in the market. Only a few merchants provide this high-performance battery with the highest safety factor. The service life is much higher than the advantages of the first two types of batteries and the advantages of self-repairing functions are also the industry's leading position. The advantage is that lead-acid batteries do not have the advantage of avoiding the disadvantages of lead-acid batteries.


Nowadays, the e-bike has been well developed and gradually tends to unify international standards. Trustmade has developed a variety of different e-bike and conducted a large number of tests before leaving the factory to ensure user travel safety. If you are in the electric vehicle business, you can consider using our cost-effective products.




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