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How to choose a Rooftop tent manufacturer?

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How to choose a Rooftop tent manufacturer?

There are countless Rooftop tent brands in the world, but there are few really good ones. This is also the main factor for many friends to comment on the shortcomings of the roof Rooftop tent after installing the roof Rooftop tent. It is almost an eternal law that you get what you pay for. Therefore, when purchasing a Rooftop tent, it is recommended that you choose a well-known brand. Next, I will take stock of why you choose Trustmade's Rooftop tent based on relevant media reports, industry expert introductions, and public comments, to facilitate your future purchases.

Here is the content list:

l What is the applicability of the Rooftop tent?

l Why choose Trustmade's Rooftop tent?

What is the applicability of the Rooftop tent?

Rooftop tents, also known as "home on the roof", emerged with the development of the automobile manufacturing industry. In the beginning, it was not built on the roof of the car, but made a simple house with wooden boards and hung on the back of the pickup truck. Later, the roof space was used up and a Rooftop tent was hung up, and then an off-road vehicle with a Rooftop tent on the roof was slowly developed. No matter hatchback sedan, sedan, or even off-road SUV models, or large pickup trucks, the roof Rooftop tent can be installed. Everyone must know a principle. The entire force of the roof is supported by the A-pillar, B-pillar, C-pillar, and D-pillar on both sides. The longitudinal beams, beams, and ABCD columns of the entire driver's cabin are high-strength steel. Constructed of hot-formed ultra-high-strength steel. Not to mention a rooftop tent, let alone the weight of several people, even putting a car on it will not deform the roof. Therefore, no matter the car, van, pickup truck, off-road SUV, commercial vehicle, etc., the roof Rooftop tent can be installed.

Why choose Trustmade's Rooftop tent?

Trust made is the world's top manufacturer of car roof boxes, roof racks, roof Rooftop tents, and camping and outdoor activities. It has been the companion of adventurers, explorers, and travelers around the world for many years. Trust made helps U.S. retailers, importers, global suppliers, and manufacturers successfully bring new products to market. At Trust made, we're here to share our passion for the outdoors and help create memories that last a lifetime. Since 2017, our goal has been to make outdoor camping safe, accessible, convenient, convenient, and simple. The Trust-made Rooftop tent is easy to use and made of the most durable materials for comfort. We take pride in designing our Softshell Rooftop tent, Hardshell Rooftop Tent as well as car camping gear. Freedom is calling. Let's explore new heights together.

If you are interested in the Rooftop tent, you can contact us, our website is, you are welcome, and look forward to cooperating with you. Our company adheres to the corporate culture of "quality first, customer first", and always makes unremitting efforts to become a professional Rooftop tent supplier in the industry.




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