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​How to choose a roof rack that suits you and meets your outdoor needs?

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​How to choose a roof rack that suits you and meets your outdoor needs?

The roof rack is a combination of "luggage basket + fixed rope", supplemented by practical decoration. For long-distance vehicles, you can install luggage racks according to your needs, such as placing bicycles or luggage, etc. Therefore, whether the luggage rack is used or not depends more on personal needs. So how to choose a luggage rack that suits you and meets your outdoor needs according to your needs?


Here is the content list:

How many categories can roof racks be divided into?

How to install a roof rack?

What should I pay attention to when installing the roof rack?


How many categories can roof racks be divided into?

Separate longitudinal rails

The most common separated longitudinal rail, this kind of luggage rack longitudinal rail is arched bridge-shaped, the middle of most and the roof separated, only a few fixed points and the roof connected. If you don't want to install the luggage rack on it, it is also feasible to fix the items directly with a rope, only if you are not afraid of scratching the roof paint, scratching should be a matter of moments, except for the bus may not be so used.


One-piece longitudinal rail

There is also a kind called one-piece longitudinal rail, this kind of longitudinal rail is the most easily misunderstood, always feel a rope can not even wear the track, how can this be used. In fact, it is a complete fit on the roof of the longitudinal rail, looks a little shorter, and the roof of the car is completely connected. Audi Q5, BMW X3, and so on are used this kind of longitudinal rail, because of its beautiful so its application models to be slightly more high-end.


Hidden longitudinal rail (T-slot longitudinal rail)

There is another kind of longitudinal rail that is usually difficult to find, which is a T-slot longitudinal rail. When no real luggage rack is installed, this kind of longitudinal rail does not affect the overall beauty of the vehicle, and its existence is not felt at all. If necessary, it is also very convenient to add a luggage rack, and the height of the luggage rack can be lower than the height of the above two longitudinal rails with the luggage rack. Such longitudinal rails are generally installed on high-class luxury models, such as Range Rover, Porsche Cayenne, and so on.


How to install a roof rack?

Not all models are suitable for roof racks. Some models of cars have roof racks installed before they leave the factory. Of course, this kind of roof rack is only a very simple style. You can still choose your favorite roof rack to replace it. There is also a situation that the roof rack is not directly equipped when leaving the factory, but the installation position is reserved on the roof for the owner to install the car roof rack later. The owner needs to see if the roof is reserved for installation. The vacant position and the supporting position of the support are sufficient.

Roof rack manufacturers will give different roof rack products different names according to their size and characteristics, such as single-layer luggage racks, double-layer luggage racks, Australian-style luggage racks, luxury luggage racks, etc. If it is divided into installation, it can be divided into a simple roof rack and KD combined roof rack. For the former, the car owner can simply install the luggage rack; for the latter, the installation is more complicated. The car mainly pays a lot of patience to combine the roof rack components one by one to install them on the car. It is relatively large, and DIY is generally not recommended for car owners who are not strong in hands-on ability.


What should I pay attention to when installing the roof rack?

I also remind the owner that the height of the jeep itself is too high, the height of the car and the luggage rack cannot exceed 2.3 meters, and the screw fastening should be checked regularly after the roof rack is installed. The inspection interval depends on different road conditions and load conditions. , It is generally best to check once every 7 days. It should also be noted that the placed goods should be tied tightly or fixed on the car roof rack, all the goods should be placed evenly, and the center of gravity should be as low as possible. If you want to use a rope, it is best to use a non-stretchable one.

Trustmade has developed a variety of roof racks and conducted a lot of tests before leaving the factory to ensure quality. Trustmade is committed to select high-quality materials, professional design and production team, and integrate cutting-edge technology into product development, only to create perfect and trustworthy exquisite products. As long as the car roof rack is not damaged by humans during the warranty period, Trustmade will provide a free warranty. If you are in the roof rack business, you can consider using our cost-effective products.




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