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​How to choose a rooftop tent?

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​How to choose a rooftop tent?

A pleasant rooftop tent outdoors can make camping lovers have a sweet dream, but many people choose a rooftop tent but it takes a lot of consideration. In addition to the budget, the method of camping, the environment of the activity, even the fabric material of the rooftop tent, and the size of the internal space all need to be considered. Although there are hundreds of rooftop tents on the market, it is difficult to have a tent that is 100% suitable for all needs. Therefore, the smart way is to first decide which factors are more important and then narrow the range of choices to choose a tent that suits you. So how to choose a rooftop tent?


Here is the content list:

The factors to consider when choosing a rooftop tent

The precautions for using rooftop tents


The factors to consider when choosing a rooftop tent

1. Security. The rooftop tent is structurally safer than ordinary tents. In extreme weather such as snowstorms, rooftop tents can also withstand strong winds and other weather.

2. Style: The rooftop tent is designed with different styles for different purposes. As far as the shape of the rooftop tent is concerned, the common tents are roughly divided into five styles.

3. Capacity: Manufacturers generally divide rooftop tents into one-person, two-person, four-person accounts, etc. according to the number of users. Of course, there are also rooftop tents that can accommodate more people. We can choose a suitable size according to individual needs.

4. Weight: The rooftop tent used for family camping is generally heavier than the tent used for mountaineering. If you want to engage in mountaineering activities, the weight of the tent is very important. It is low, and it is very stable in the face of strong wind or other natural weather, and it is very safe to use.

5. Color: Most people often choose the color they like according to their personal preferences. However, if you want to reduce the impact on the natural environment, low-brightness green and brown palladium are good choices. In addition to the bright color of the rooftop tent, it also has the advantage of being easy to search. In addition, the color of the rooftop tent will also affect the sunlight. Due to the color, the rooftop tent is also less prone to sunburn and can block ultraviolet rays well.

6. Tent pole: At present, the material of the pole mainly includes glass fiber, aluminum alloy, and carbon fiber. Aluminum alloy tents are currently the most commonly used tent poles, which can be folded and combined with elastic ropes.

The precautions for using rooftop tents

1. After each trip, clean the inside and outside tents, poles, and ground nails of the rooftop tent. The main cleaning objects are snow, rain, dust, mud, grass, and small insects.

2. Do not use a washing machine to clean the rooftop tent. You can wash it with water, hand pinch, and other washing methods. Use a non-alkaline cleaning agent. After cleaning, place it in a ventilated place and dry it in the shade, disassemble it and put it in a storage bag, and store it in a dry, cool place. Rooftop tents should be folded irregularly because after using the tent many times, the folds will harden and cracks will appear if the tents are folded too regularly and neatly.

3. When using a rooftop tent, be careful not to wear shoes to enter the inner tent, because the dirt, stones, etc. attached to the soles are extremely easy to tear the inner tent and lose its waterproof meaning.

4. High temperature and open flames are very harmful to the rooftop tent. If the outside weather is bad, you must cook in the tent, you need to put an aluminum film or other insulation materials under the stove head, and open all the doors and windows of the roof tent.

5. Try to avoid using unprotected open flame items such as candles as lighting props for lighting in the night tent, and try to use headlights, flashlights, and special steam lights for tents.

Every manufacturer is responsible for producing rooftop tents that meet the standards to ensure the user experience. Before leaving the factory, Trustmade conducted a lot of tests on the rooftop tent to ensure the safety of use. If you have related needs for car rooftop tents, you can consider using our cost-effective products.




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