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​How to use a portable fridge?

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​How to use a portable fridge?

A portable fridge is a fridge that is convenient for people to travel. It is smaller than a traditional household fridge, more energy-saving, and has cooling functions. So what is the working principle of the portable fridge? How to use it? Today we will come to understand it.

Here is the content list:

What does the portable fridge work on?

How to use the portable fridge?

How to choose a portable fridge?

What does the portable fridge work on?

Portable fridge, small size, lightweight, can be moved in the car and can be easily carried. A portable fridge consists of a refrigerator insulation shell, refrigerant storage bag (with compressor), and chemical refrigerant. The portable fridge can be used for refrigeration at any time during the journey. The refrigeration time can be determined according to the amount of chemical energy. The temperature in the box can be reduced from zero degrees Celsius to minus 10 degrees Celsius. Portable fridge for car, for field hot work, hot days, items long-distance transportation preservation, medical cooling first aid has played a very important role.


How to use the portable fridge?

Portable fridge for food and drinks for travel, sports, recreational fishing, and training for refrigerated transportation of vaccines in medical, health, and epidemic prevention departments and portable fridge for car, automotive, and medical use.

From the point of view of products, the portable fridge is divided into freezing and refrigeration area, can also use computer board accurate temperature control, very convenient to use the overall structure of portable fridge is not the same, more semiconductor technology, refrigeration capacity is not as good as the traditional refrigerator, but small volume, convenient to carry, very suitable for specific consumer groups.

A portable fridge is beautiful and generous, seasonal is strong, the portable fridge can be carried in hand, which is very straightforward and can be used as a fashion single product. Many consumers with strong fashion sense like this refrigerator.

How to choose a portable fridge?

Check the appearance

At the time of purchase, first, check the appearance of the portable fridge, see whether the box door is square, the surface of the box is intact; check whether the fridge magnetic door is close enough, this is the purchase must pay attention to, consumers must pay attention to.

Energy-saving effect

When buying a portable fridge, consider the energy-saving effect, so you need to know this information when you buy it. Choose portable fridges with a good reputation, such as TRUSTMADE brand refrigerators are of good quality.

Listen to sound

You can also judge the sound of the portable fridge during operation. If the sound is loud, do not choose; or feel the temperature of the refrigerator during use. The normal feel temperature should be hot on the condenser and the lower part is warm. If the lower part is not hot, it indicates that the refrigeration system of the refrigerator is not normal.

The Portable fridge with cooling function, environmentally friendly, no pollution, small volume, portable fridge for a car is very suitable for travel with friends. Our company brand TRUSTMADE will bring more convenience to your travel. 




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