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How to use the car roof rack?

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How to use the car roof rack?

Car roof rack first appeared in the overseas travel car, more combination in the form of "luggage basket + fixed rope, embellished with practical give priority to, for the vehicles of the long journey, can install rack according to your demand, such as placing a bike or luggage and so on, and now the SUV is more for a walk in the city, cars also do not need to take a lot of luggage, So the luggage rack is now used more to make the SUV look more atmospheric. So the use of the luggage rack depends more on personal needs. So, what should we pay attention to about the car roof rack?

Here is the content list:

l  What are the types of car roof racks?

l  How to maintain the car roof rack?

l  What should I pay attention to when installing and using the car roof rack?

What are the types of car roof racks?

First of all, the car roof rack is not installed on the roof of the two bars but also divided into several kinds, such as separated longitudinal rail, integral longitudinal rail, T groove longitudinal rail. Separated longitudinal rail, this longitudinal rail is arched bridge shape, most of it is separated from the roof, only a few fixed points are connected to the roof, if you do not want to load luggage on it, it is also possible to use a rope to fix items directly. This kind of car roof rack is slightly rough, the cost is relatively low, more in the utility SUV can be seen above. One-piece longitudinal rail this type is the most common among urban SUV models now, all this longitudinal rail joint on the roof, seems to be shorter, streamline are connected to the roof completely beautiful, more high-end overall, but this kind of car roof rack can be used with relatively more trouble than separate longitudinal rail point, needs to be installed to professional shelves and trunk can play its role, This also makes it in the SUV is now more decorative role. There is also a T-groove longitudinal rail, which does not affect the overall appearance of the vehicle when the car roof rack is not installed. It is also very convenient if the overhead rack is needed, and the height of the longitudinal rail is lower than that of the above two kinds of the overhead rack.

How to maintain the car roof rack?

The car roof rack can not be overloaded, pay attention to the bearing weight of the car roof rack and the actual bearing weight of the car. Note that the lock and key should be installed on the car roof rack, and make sure to lock and remove the key when using it. Aluminum alloy car roof rack will not rust, but there will be slow oxidation in use, rain or car wash water contains acid or alkaline substances, will also form a certain erosion on the surface, a long time will have slight stains, this is a normal phenomenon. When carrying heavy items or other hard metal items, it is easy to cause slight scratches on the aluminum alloy bar, which belongs to the normal wear phenomenon. In the use of the car roof rack, ensure that the sealing strip has been installed on the crossbar to play the role of dust prevention and wind noise reduction. After the car roof rack is installed, it does not need to be removed frequently. Because for the ordinary roof of the car, frequent disassembly and assembly of the roof frame may hurt the car paint; For the use of reserved fixed point installation of the car, the frequent dismantling of the screws may bring damage to the fixed point part, therefore, although the car roof rack can be dismantled, at the time of choice, we should still be ready to be fixed on the roof for a long time.

What should I pay attention to when installing and using the car roof rack?

After installing the car roof rack, the screws should be checked regularly. The inspection interval is determined according to different road conditions and load conditions. It is generally best to check once a week. The goods should be tied tightly or fixed on the car roof rack. All the goods should be placed evenly with the center of gravity as low as possible. If a rope is to be used to tie the luggage, it is better to use a rope that does not stretch; Drive carefully when the items on the car roof rack are large, and pay special attention when braking.

Do you know where I can get a qualified car roof rack? It is the responsibility of every manufacturer to produce the standard car roof rack, and Trustmade carries out extensive safety tests on the car roof rack before leaving the factory. If you are engaged in the car roof rack business, you may consider using our cost-effective products.




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