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How to use the roof rack?

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How to use the roof rack?

Theroof rack is a support frame or component that is installed on the top of the car body or truck body to safely and conveniently fix the luggage. It is generally used on two-box station wagons, SUVs, and MPV. Let us introduce in detail how to use the roof rack.

Here is the content list:

How to install the roof rack?

After the installation work is completed, how to use the car roof rack?

How to maintain the roof rack?

How to install the roof rack?

The most widely used form is to use the roof rack to install the luggage box on the roof, and before installing the luggage box, the horizontal bracket must be installed on the longitudinal rail. There is little difference between the integrated longitudinal rail and the separate longitudinal rail in car roof rack installation. Both the bayonet is fixed with screws, and the position of the bayonet is very flexible, but the structural shape of the bayonet is different.

The installation of the roof rack on the T-slot longitudinal rail is a bit cumbersome. The buckle position has been reserved on the roof. It is necessary to install the buckle on the reserved opening and then install the base on the buckle. Generally, two people are required to complete.

If you encounter a seamlessly welded roof, there may also be a reserved opening on the door frame. The steps for installing the roof rack are the same as before. If you don’t even have a reserved opening, don’t worry, you can also install a roof rack by adding a fixed hook.

After the installation work is completed, how to use the car roof rack?

First of all, we must understand the relevant laws on the roof racks. After installing the horizontal luggage rack on the vertical rails, you can install the luggage on the horizontal luggage rack to store your large and small personal belongings when you travel.

With the car roof rack, we can't throw everything on the roof unscrupulously. We have to measure it according to the maximum load-bearing weight of the roof rack and the volume of the luggage in the manual.

How to maintain the roof rack?

·Place heavy objects carefully

If the roof rack is made of viscose, it is only for aesthetics and coordination. Do not place heavy items on it to avoid shaking. Even if it is a screw-fixed roof rack, it is necessary to place heavy objects appropriately, and the carrying capacity of the car should be optimistic.

·Arrange the items to be placed

The cargo should be tied tightly or fixed on the car roof rack and placed evenly. Don't let the cargo sway around. Try to add a luggage net. Do not overweight, the load-bearing design of the luggage rack is generally 30-50 kg.

·Avoid grabbing the luggage rack

When washing a car, SUV and other models are relatively large. When washing a car, they often grab the car roof rack and climb up to wipe the top of the car. This damages the luggage rack, especially the viscose luggage rack. Over time, it will cause the luggage rack to become slack. Shaking. So be careful not to let the car washers grab the roof rack casually.

People’s living conditions are now better. As more and more cars are pouring into the road, more and more people like self-driving tours, whether it’s fishing, hiking trips, or carrying a lot of things with the car. The space in the car is limited. How to make reasonable use of the roof space has become the focus of development. Therefore, those models with roof racks have obvious advantages in this regard. Our company brand TRUSTMADE will bring more convenience to your travel.




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