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Influence of Human Factors on Electric Bike Design

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Influence of Human Factors on Electric Bike Design

In the system consisting of the interaction of humans, the Electric Bike, and the road surface, the human is the main influencing factor because he/she has to do both control and operation at the same time, so the structure design of the Electric Bike should be developed with human as the main object. In the design of the Electric Bike, not only the human characteristics and the size of each joint of the body (such as height, limb size, etc.) but also the visual characteristics, the physiological characteristics of the human body, the inertia, and flexibility of the human movement should be taken into consideration.

Here is the content list:

  • Human force application pattern

  • Range of motion of major joints

  • Human foot speed

  • Human balance function

  • Human fatigue

  • Human visual and perceptual characteristics

Human force application pattern

This includes lower limb muscle force, arm grip force, and manipulation force. The lower limb muscle force is the main source of power when the Electric Bike is in human power condition. To finish the braking operation quickly and effectively, a little force can be used when holding the handlebars of the Electric Bike.

Range of motion of major joints

The key to the balance of the foldable ebike design is to consider the comfortable range of motion of the hip, naked joint, shoulder, elbow, knee, wrist, and other joints.

Pedaling speed of human

Electric Bike's pedal movement is regular and rhythmic, and there is a certain relationship between the heartbeat frequency and its rhythm. A normal human heart beats at a rate of about 70 beats per minute, so a pedal speed of about 60 r/min is appropriate for the design. This speed can be used to determine the range of relevant design data when designing an electric bicycle.

Human balance function

The main factor that affects the function of the foldable ebike is the rider's balance function. If the balance function is lacking, even if the Electric Bike has good overall performance, it cannot guarantee a smooth ride. If the rider has a good balance, some of the deficiencies of the Electric Bike can be ignored to a certain extent.

Human fatigue

Human fatigue and discomfort during the ride is a human factor that affects the overall performance of the Electric Bike, as well as the structure of the bike. Uncomfortable riding posture, excessive weight on some muscles, or an inhumane saddle design are the main causes of fatigue and pain.

Human visual and perceptual characteristics

An electric bicycle is a subjective observation of the environment by the rider's eyes during the ride, so the design of the electric bicycle should consider the position of the horizon and the role of after-light. Therefore, the design of the electric bicycle should consider the position of the horizon and the after-light of the eyes, install rear-view mirrors on the electric bicycle to improve convenience and safety, and consider the color matching of the product appearance to attract consumers' attention. Therefore, in the design of electric bicycles, especially the handlebars and seats, we should apply materials according to human comfort and texture characteristics to improve the value of the product.

The above is about the influence of the human factor in Electric Bike design, if you are interested in Electric bikes, or foldable ebikes, you can contact us, our website is




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