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Introduction of Multi-Variant Rear Cover

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Introduction of Multi-Variant Rear Cover

The multi-variable tonneau cover is a new type of pickup truck rear cover. Adopting a metal cold plate as the cover material, using a series of processes such as the automotive electrophoresis process and interlocking structure, creates a new journey of synchronizing the service life of the exterior parts of the pickup truck with the whole vehicle.

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l Creative Source

l Crafting

l Applicable models

l Effect

Creative Source

The original idea of the multi-variant truck tonneau covers originated from the movie "Transformers". When its engineers saw that the car could be used for many purposes after deformation, they suddenly remembered the inconvenience of loading and unloading and transportation when using Paladin to pull goods in daily life, as well as the impractical and non-durable characteristics of many pickup truck tonneau covers in the market. The original design model of the multivariable trunk lid came to mind.


The cover is made of a cold plate, with a unique production process, strong metal texture, strong and durable. Multi-functional composite gas strut, with the function of rear cover pop-up and locking. Multi-functional combination strap, with the function of fixing the cover body in the roof positioning and retracting the cover body. Interlocking structure, creating a new value model for the hard tonneau covers of pickup truck conversion. Mature product design, not only can be opened with the mechanical key provided by the manufacturer but also can be opened with the original remote control so that the driver can enjoy the convenience brought by the intelligence of the pickup truck.

Applicable models

A pickup truck with a multi-variant pickup truck tonneau coverhas a stylish and noble appearance and melts quality in detail. It can make up for the unsafe feature of a pickup truck, while not damaging the function of "carrying and picking up" of a pickup truck.

Based on the mature product design, the multi-variable rear trunk cover is suitable for pickup trucks produced by major pickup truck manufacturers.


The new full cover flip technique is developed to realize the 180° overall flip of the cover body, fully using the ergonomic principle, the cover body flip has a variety of changes in form, each with its applicable function, not only breaking the shackles of similar products popping open angle fixed but also avoiding the traditional tri-fold pickup truck tonneau cover, scroll pickup truck tonneau cover (both are flat cover type) on the shortage of pickup truck loading space constraints.

The shape is simple and atmospheric, smooth lines, bold and heroic, the internal vertical and horizontal frame structure, solid and solid, into the golden ratio, creating a changeable cover body, with a staggered sense of hierarchy and the body perfectly fit, showing the simple and luxurious temperament.

With the lifting of the ban on pickup trucks and the upgrade of the pickup truck itself, more and more people do accept and like this vehicle. Multi-variable tonneau cover strength, good impact resistance, easy to repair, and has a good rust corrosion resistance, etc., all types of products smooth and beautiful appearance, novel and unique design, the product hinge, lock, rear door, and other major components are a mold stamping, after electrophoresis, anti-corrosion, more durable, more beautiful and durable than some simple canopy on the market.




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