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Maintenance method of e-bike

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Maintenance method of e-bike

Ane-bikeis a mechatronics personal vehicle that is based on a regular bicycle, uses a battery as an auxiliary energy source, and has a motor, controller, battery, handlebars, other operating parts, and display instrument system. There are many types of e-bikes, including foldable e-bikes. Next, I will introduce the knowledge of e-bikes in detail.

Here is the content list:

What is common sense when buying an e-bike?

What are the manufacturing standards for e-bikes?

How to maintain an e-bike?

What is common sense when buying an e-bike?

1. Select a brand. Be careful to choose a well-knowne-bike brand. Quality and after-sales service are guaranteed.

2. Please select a car model. The safety and performance of e-bikes are completely different. We recommend that you buy an electric bike that is simple and easy to carry.

3. Please see the appearance. Pay attention to the smoothness and luster of the surface of the e-bike, and pay attention to the quality of welding, painting, and electroplating.

4. Find your emotions. Take a test drive and experience whether the e-bike can be started, accelerated, and run smoothly, the operability of the e-bike is good, the tightness of the brakes, the suppleness of the steering wheel, and the movement of the wheels.

5. Check the procedure. Make sure your e-bike's manufacturing permit, instruction manual, and credential are valid and complete, and that you have all the accessories that came with your e-bike. Pay particular attention to the types of locally approved e-bikes.

What are the manufacturing standards for e-bikes?

Environmental protection and energy conservation are the themes of the times as sustainable development is required worldwide. Low-carbon, low-consumption travel tools have become the darling of people around the world in a new era. Ebikes have developed rapidly in response to the times and have rapidly become widespread all over the world. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration regulations classify low-speed e-bikes as consumer products. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission stipulates that low-speed e-bikes or tricycles manufactured for commercial purposes must be equipped with pedals that can be stepped on. The output of the electric motor does not exceed 750 watts and the top speed is 20 miles. The time and weight of the vehicle should not exceed 50 kg.

How to maintain an e-bike?

Pay attention to cleaning first, and clean in time after contact with water, especially saltwater in winter. Otherwise, the metal parts of the bike are very likely to rust and the paint film will age and come off. The second is to pay attention to the maximum adjustment height. After riding a new e-bike for a while, the entire vehicle must be inspected and adjusted according to the requirements of the manual. At this time, tightening and lubrication are essential. Check the looseness of the fasteners on the bike and the bending of the transmission, wipe off the slick oil well after lubricating the chain, and apply a small amount of oil to the flywheel. Ebike tires need to be properly inflated. Failure to do so will affect riding comfort and longevity. Ebike brakes are a basic guarantee of safety and should be inspected at all times and adjusted or repaired immediately if any are found.

It is the responsibility of each manufacturer to produce e-bikes that meet the standards. Trust-made conducts many tests on e-bikes for connection before they leave the factory, and the quality qualification rate is guaranteed. If you are in the e-bikes business, you can consider our cost-effective products.




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