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Notes on the back cover

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Notes on the back cover

A pickup truck is a very practical car, pulling people loaded very convenient, in the past in the country, pickup trucks in urban driving will be subject to some restrictions, but last year, these restrictions are gradually released, and many cities have been fully unblocked. Pickup trucks spring again, the street to see more and more, but many people are unexpectedly found, pickup truck installed tonneau cover has become the trend. Here we look at the considerations of the tonneau cover.

Here is the content:

l When using

l Maintenance

When using

The tonneau cover is an accessory for storing temporary items in the car, which can be turned over. The weight capacity cannot exceed 5 kg. When using, the following points should be noted.

l First, it is best not to put liquid or easy-to-roll items, follow the roll when driving, or spill onto the seat, which are not good care.

l Second, put the items as far apart as possible, and do not pile up, to prevent blocking the view of the rear windshield, causing driving hazards.

l Third, if there is a pull rope style at both ends, when not in use, you can take down the rope to extend its life of the rope.

l Fourth, when there are children in the back, pay attention to watch over the children, and do not beat the shelf, the shelf instant force, it may be damaged.

l Fifth, heavy objects should not be placed on the shelf for a long time, may cause damage to the tonneau cover.


Nowadays, there are many different ways to install the tonneau cover of pickup trucks, so what are the points to note in the maintenance of the rear cover of pickup trucks?

After the installation of the pickup truck tonneau cover, you should tear off the protective film on the surface of the profile in time and scrub it clean, otherwise, the protective film backing will remain on the pickup truck tonneau cover for a large amount, which is difficult to clean;

Drainage hole is the hole for drainage and decompression of pickup truck rear trunk cover, daily maintenance should avoid debris blocking the balance hole, which will affect the air-tight performance and water-tight performance of pickup truck rear trunk cover;

The rusting of the hard tonneau cover lid of a pickup truck is an important factor that affects the rain and water resistance of the rear trunk lid of a pickup truck, so in daily maintenance, we must pay attention to the regular cleaning of the rear trunk lid of a pickup truck to ensure that there is no obstruction of particles and dust, followed by washing with soapy water to prevent the surface from rusting;

Trustmade will continue to deepen the channel layout, build its channel system, enhance the brand influence, seek more partners, and create an industry benchmark in the field of rear cover. For the future market, we will further develop overseas and e-commerce, so that our brand can realize the globalization strategy.




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