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Origin and Use of Tonneau Covers

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Origin and Use of Tonneau Covers

Older, original tonneau covers were used to protect unoccupied seats in passenger seat Convertibles, sports cars, and pickup trucks. Hard tonneau covers are opened by hinges or folding mechanisms, while sectional or soft covers are opened by rolling up or folding down. Truck and car trunk lids keep items out of direct sunlight and out of sight of potential thieves. Let's look at the origins and uses of tonneau covers.

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l Origin

l In racing cars

l In sports cars


It was first referred to as a "rear entry keg". Early casks usually had a backward hinged door, but soon single- and double-sided doors were introduced. When the street was muddy or dirty, the car could back up to the curb so that the keg passengers could drive right out onto the sidewalk. It is because this can be convenient and fast, so there is the name of the tonneau covers.

In racing cars

Early open-top touring-type cars used tonneau covers to protect the unoccupied back seat. Back in the 1930s, Laker Racers were looking for this more competitive edge when they pulled a page straight out of early car manufacturing and skinned the cockpits of convertibles and streamlined passenger cabins with removable canvas. The skins covered open cockpits that would otherwise interfere with airflow and create undue drag; as a result, tonneau-equipped cars ended up running faster for a given amount of power. So, a lot of people started putting tonneau covers in race cars.

In sports cars

Tonneau covers are applied to open-top sports cars such as the Porsche Boxster, the MG, the Victory, and the Austin Healey. These covers are usually natural or artificial leather and cover the entire passenger compartment with a zipper so the driver's seat can be exposed while the rest of the interior space remains covered. A truck tonneau cover can be used instead of hard or soft convertible tops.

When air travels at high speeds over the windshield, it creates turbulence as it enters and bounces off the cockpit. This condition is called shuddering and can be annoying to occupants. Tonneau covers reduce jitter at all speeds. Turbulence exchanges the hotter air in the cockpit for cooler ambient air, which allows the heat generated by the heater to escape. Tonneau covers both retain heat and protect the driver from UV rays.

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