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Pickup truck container rear cover installation

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Pickup truck container rear cover installation

In our country, pickup trucks are categorized as trucks. In the current automotive environment, a single pickup truck has been unable to meet the needs of users. To further demonstrate the beauty and practicality of pickup trucks, some pickup truck users have installed a tonneau cover on the pickup truck, which not only shows the beauty and atmosphere of the vehicle but also can protect the goods in the container from wind and rain.

tonneau cover

Here is the content:

l According to the material of the rear cover installation

l According to the regulations to install

l Easy installation process

According to the material of the rear cover installation

The truck tonneau cover is made of two kinds of materials, one is fiberglass and the other is cold steel. Generally, owners are choosing FRP material, because FRP material is not only strong, beautiful, and practical. The most important thing is that the installation process does not need to punch holes, and will not damage the body. Pickup truck conversion high cover is generally made of fiberglass material to create a tonneau cover without holes to install can be free of injury to the body, the use of carriage inside the flip side using screws snap installation, no drilling, avoiding injuring to the body.

According to the regulations to install

In addition, according to the regulations, clearly pointed out that the owner of freight motor vehicles in the windshield, water tank, toolbox, etc. does not affect the safety of the vehicle and identification number, does not need to apply for a change of registration.

Solid for pickup trucks, flat can be understood as - a windshield, as long as it does not affect the entire width and height of the vehicle is legal. But when the hard tonneau cover is installed, it is also necessary to know the local police in advance, to avoid subsequent travel brought about by the inconvenience.

Easy installation process

First, bring the car, then the staff will lift the tonneau cover onto the car. After the rear cover is placed, the staff will use the snap to install it: the general product is equipped with a total of four snaps, only use the corresponding size of the wrench, the round hole on the flip side of the rear box can be fixed. The entire installation process does not require drilling. Adding the tonneau cover will indeed look more beautiful than before the modification.

Although the tonneau cover is not too heavy, still needs 3-4 people to cooperate: to install. So, you can get a few friends, neighbors, etc. to help finish the installation.

Pickup trucks are becoming more and more popular among consumers for their powerful power features and comfortable ride. Installing tonneau cover for pickup trucks is also a big trend. Trustmad's media team is dedicated to producing great videos and images that make you feel like you're experiencing the product firsthand! We only offer trusted brands, so you know that when you buy from us, you're always getting the best on the market!




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