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Precautions for buying a rooftop tent?

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Precautions for buying a rooftop tent?

The rooftop tentis a magical outdoor camping artifact. Give you a good night's sleep on the go and save you a lot of trouble. It kills two birds with one stone and is deeply loved by the majority of travel enthusiasts. So, what should we pay attention to when buying a car Rooftop tent? After confirming that the standard for installing the roof Rooftop tent is met, factors such as the vehicle roof load, the functionality of the Rooftop tent, and the individual's hands-on ability must be considered.

Here is the content list:

l The vehicle roof bears the weight.

l Roof Rooftop tent function selection.

l Roof Rooftop tent detail factor.

The vehicle roof bears the weight.

The Chinese national standard requires the maximum carrying capacity of the roof to reach 1.5 times the curb weight, which is equivalent to 27 adults weighing 150 catties standing on the roof. Usually, the total weight of a family of three is about 150-240KG, plus about 50KG The roof tent of most vehicles is completely bearable. Usually, Hardshell Rooftop Tent's base plate, Rooftop tent fabric, and pole materials are strong enough to withstand normal stormy weather. Before purchasing, we need to determine which Rooftop tent model is suitable for the load capacity of the roof rack. With a solid roof rack, it is safer to choose to install the roof Rooftop tent.

Roof tent function selection.

If you have a strong ability to do it yourself, you can choose a manual Rooftop tent when purchasing a roof Rooftop tent. If you want to save trouble, you should consider the hard-top automatic account. When purchasing, you should also pay attention to the wind resistance and streamline the Rooftop tent. The functions of the rooftop tent, such as breathability, rain and snow protection, wind protection, mosquito and fly protection, etc., should also be considered when installing a roof tent; considering safety, that is, when an emergency occurs, people can enter from the roof. In the car, it is also necessary to consider whether the sunroof is connected to the roof Rooftop tent. Some roof Rooftop tents also include an additional extended living space coverage area, and some accessories Rooftop tents or enclosures can be added later. It should be decided according to your actual needs and environmental requirements, and do not buy hastily.

Roof tent detail factor.

In addition to considering the above factors of the Hardshell Rooftop Tent, important details such as adaptability, power supply, canopy, roof ladder position, etc. should also be considered during installation. It is recommended that professional technicians install it at the manufacturer's official store. Rooftop tents from regular manufacturers are generally very sturdy, and some brands offer super-rugged models designed for long-distance travel in extreme climates. The rooftop tent is designed for a quick setup, once in the camp, undo a few straps, open it up and deploy the poles and ladders.

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