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Safety Design Principles of Electric Scooter

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Safety Design Principles of Electric Scooter

Electric Scooter is a product that combines traditional scooters with modern electric drive and control technology. Electric Scooter originated in Germany, developed in Europe and the United States, and was introduced to my country in a very short period. As the world's factory, in just a few years, my country has become a major manufacturing country for Electric scooters. The rapid development of modern ergonomics and electrical technology has prompted Electric Scooters to have the advantages of beautiful appearance, convenient folding, flexible operation, and long cruising range. Now, the Electric Scooter is not only a recreational toy but also a light short-distance transportation. Next, let's take a look at Electric Scooter's security design principles.

Here is the content list:

l Products are designed to meet the specific material needs of consumers

l For the user's physiological safety design

l For psychological safety design

l Aesthetic Design Principles

Products are designed to meet the specific material needs of consumers

Electric Scooter is a product designed to facilitate people's travel. The most important point of transportation products is safety, which is the basic criterion in the design of such products. In the structural design of the scooter, it is necessary to ensure its firmness. Therefore, attention should be paid to the use of safe and environmentally friendly materials in the design process. The scooter must withstand the weight of people and the bumps of the road, so the material must be strong, and the configuration of the parts of the scooter should be designed. Avoid sharp objects that are exposed as much as possible to avoid bad accidents. Based on pursuing this material need, safety and aesthetics constitute the intrinsic components of the product, and the need for safety is also put forward in Maslow's demand system because people's safety needs can sometimes Overcome certain psychological cues that achieve the purpose of alleviating fear. When people get this sense of security, they will relax their vigilance against reality.

For the user's physiological safety design

It refers to whether the designed product conforms to the principle of ergonomics. For example, the Electric Scooter product we designed did not consider the human adaptability between the user and the product in the design process. Too short, too large buttons, offset of the folding position, and difficult folding operations will bring inconvenience to use, and even cause harm to the human body. This is a situation that we should avoid, and we are particularly concerned about the design process. Among the factors that affect the safety of the user's riding, the quality of the brakes is very important. When the Electric Scooter uses the brakes during riding, it will automatically cut off the power of the electric vehicle and use the disc brake to force the car to stop, to protect the safety of users. Safety concerns the cyclists and other people on the road, and are particularly important issues in the design, and the disc brakes and drum brakes used in the scooter of this design are two commonly used brake types with relatively good performance.

For psychological safety design

It is through the external appearance, color, and texture of the Electric Scooter that are transformed into product language to bring users a sense of security. In addition, the same is true for modeling factors, such as the stability of the triangle design, the affinity brought by the leather material, etc. At the same time, attention should be paid to the integrity of the product shape. The simplified design can improve the safety of the product and meet the needs of consumers for aesthetics. The integrated overall design also represents the needs of product design and future product design and development. development direction.

Aesthetic Design Principles

It means that designers fully consider the shape, color, texture, and other factors of product design to create products with better aesthetic attributes and artistic quality, to bring a better visual experience to consumers. The visual beauty and aesthetic quality brought by good products are also practical and affect the happiness of people's lives. The pursuit of this aesthetic function is based on the higher-level product requirements established by consumers for the basic functional requirements of the product.

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