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Selection of rear cover

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Selection of rear cover

Simply put high performance pickup truck tonneau cover is the standardized design, standardized production, standardized installation of good performance, and good quality pickup truck tonneau cover products. And there are many pickup trucks rear cover in the market, so pickup truck rear cover in the selection to pay attention to a few points?

truck tonneau cover

Here is the content:

l The importance of pickup truck rear box performance

l meticulous production process

l Professional installation

l Good service system

The importance of pickup truck rear box performance

Pickup truck tonneau cover is a perfect organic combination of performance systems, need to consider water tightness, air tightness, wind pressure, mechanical strength, heat insulation, sound insulation, anti-theft, sun shade, weather resistance, operating feel, and a series of important functions, but also consider the equipment, profiles, accessories, glass, adhesives, seals the comprehensive results of the performance of each link, without one, the final formation of high-performance pickup hard tonneau cover.

meticulous production process

We should choose a company that adopts the standard consistent production process so that we do not worry about the size of the pickup truck trunk lid error. Then it should have a professional technical team research and development innovation, in each link of production meticulous: hardware installation technology + glass positioning patented technology to ensure that the installation and marking error within 0.3mm, cutting and processing size error within 0.1mm, welding error within 0.15mm, HFL right angle welding technology, so that the welding angle HFL right angle welding technology, so that the strength of the welded corner increases, the stability of the whole window is enhanced, to ensure the realization of the best quality pickup truck rear cover performance, to give users high-quality pickup truck tonneau cover.

Professional installation

To solve the problems that may arise one by one, and finally realize the perfect fit of the pickup tonneau cover installation. While greatly improving the quality of the product, it also avoids various installation defects in the installation process, effectively improving the comfort and perception of the user's home.

Good service system

We should choose a company that has Innovative service forms, seamless sales, and after-sales services so that we can enjoy a more affordable and reassuring service experience, improve the service quality of service appointments, reception, etc., and the company should amplify and refine the attention to the user experience, and win more user trust and satisfaction while enhancing brand credibility and recognition. See if there is a warranty guarantee. During the warranty period, if the damage is caused by non-human failure, it will be able to provide replacement spare parts. Then check whether the materials of the tonneau cover are tested to meet international standards.

Trustmade adopts modern enterprise management methods, based on product quality management, and wins full trust and consistent praise from customers for its excellent quality, novel design, reasonable price, and perfect after-sales service. We have developed various kinds of tonneau covers, such as roll-up back covers, hard tonneau covers, etc. Every product in our company is carefully inspected before it goes out, from the interior details to the exterior surfaces. We will not let defective products appear on the market.




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