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The car side awning, You deserve it

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The car side awning, You deserve it

The car side awning can better solve the balance problems of sun shading and sun protection anytime and anywhere when the car is parked, cheap and good facilities, simple disassembly and assembly, and simple production technology. In addition to shading, do you know what other functions it has?

Here is the content list:

What is the purpose of car side awning besides shading?

What are the basic structures of the side awning of the car?

What fabric is the side awning of the car made of?

What is the purpose of car side awning besides shading?

The car side awning, as the most common modification configuration of the Jeep exterior part, I believe its function does not need to be described too much. Friends who have used a jeep before should have enjoyed a leisurely time under the raised car side awning. But does the car side awning only have the function of sun shading?

First, the car side awning can be used as a drying rack. I traveled a long distance to a beautiful place. After camping, I found that there was no place to dry the washed clothes. It's okay that there were trees around, and it would be solved by pulling a clothesline. If it's on open grassland, can we only hang wet clothes in the bathroom and dry them in the shade? There has been a solution on the side awning of the car. There are well-preserved grooves on the awning. As long as the hook is attached, the side awning of the car can be transformed into a drying rack.

Second, the car side awning can be used as a tent hut. In summer, I want to chat outside the car, and even use the sky as the bed and the ground as the bed to have intimate contact with nature. However, the mosquitoes are raging and unbearable. A tent hut, you deserve it. With the car side awning as the frame, there is no need to perforate, and the installation is convenient, even shorter than the time you need to set up a tent. In addition, the side awning has a small volume when stowed, and does not occupy too much storage space in the car.

What are the basic structures of the side awning of the car?

The side awning of a car includes a base, a support rod, and a shed body. The base includes a base and a tube base. The base is provided with an inner holding rod, a tread support block, a tread clamping block and a sidewall clamping The support rod includes a stable sleeve and a base rod, and the base rod is inserted into the tube socket; the shed body includes a shed surface, and the base rod supports the shed surface.

What fabric is the side awning of the car made of?

Generally, silver-coated Oxford cloth is chosen for the side awning of the car. The Oxford cloth used in the car side awning has a special anti-ultraviolet function, which not only protects human skin from ultraviolet rays but also greatly extends the service life of interior decoration and furniture. While shielding the hot summer, it can reflect the strong sunlight into the room in the form of diffused light, so that the indoor light is bright and not dazzling, and does not affect the scenery outside the window seen from the room, and extends people's living space from the room. Going outdoors creates a new living space. Oxford cloth generally uses polyester-cotton blended yarn and cotton yarn to interweave and adopts weft heavy flat or square flat weave. Depending on the degree of fiber and density, the specific is different. It has the characteristics of soft hand feeling, waterproof, breathable, good moisture absorption, easy to wash, quick-drying, and elastic.

Trustmade has developed a variety of car side awning tents and conducted a lot of tests before leaving the factory to ensure quality. Trustmade is committed to select high-quality materials, professional design and production team, and integrate cutting-edge technology into product development, only to create perfect and trustworthy exquisite products. As long as the car side awning is not damaged by humans during the warranty period, Trustmade will provide a free warranty. If you are in the car side awning business, you can consider using our cost-effective products.




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