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The concept and working principle of the Electric Bike

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The concept and working principle of the Electric Bike

Electric Bikes generally use lead-acid batteries, most of which are 48V, and a few of which are 36V. Generally, four 12AH 12V maintenance-free lead-acid batteries are connected in series. So what are the concept and working principles of the Electric Bike? Let's take a look at it together.

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  • The concept of the Electric Bike

  • Working Principle of Electric Bike

The concept of the Electric Bike

The foldable ebike is a bicycle with a battery as an auxiliary energy source and has the appearance of a bicycle, but the main difference is that it has a motor, a controller, a battery, a charger, and other related components, and a display system. The total weight of an electric bicycle is less than 40 kg, and it has the advantages of being lightweight and flexible, as well as having zero pollution, low noise, low energy consumption, easy maintenance, and safe riding.

How an Electric Bike works

The overall structure of an Electric Bike is based on a common bicycle with the addition of four major components: motor, controller, battery, and charger, making it a simple, lightweight electric bicycle. The driving principle of a foldable ebike is that the battery provides energy to the controller, then the controller provides electrical energy to the motor, then the motor converts the electrical energy into mechanical energy, and finally, the mechanical energy drives the Electric Bike and regulates it.

The motor is the part that converts the electric energy of the Electric Bike's battery into mechanical energy and finally drives the Electric Bike's wheels to rotate. There are two common types of motors, brush and brushless hub motors, which are referred to as brush motors and brushless motors. The control part of the brush motor is relatively simple, but the brush life is short, and it is easy to wear out in the process of use, which brings too much workload to repair and maintenance later. The brushless motor has no easy-to-wear parts, and the life of the motor is longer, so the maintenance workload is relatively small.

The Electric Bike controller is used to control the start, run, advance and retreat, acceleration, deceleration, stop, and other parts of the foldable ebike according to the rider's instruction. The controller determines the quality of the whole bike and is one of the main factors of the whole bike. The controller must have the characteristics of high-temperature resistance, waterproof, shockproof, low-temperature resistance, etc. In the Electric Bike, the controller and the handlebar are combined, which can control the speed of the motor at will and have the function of the current limit, under voltage or over current protection. In the process of riding, if the foldable ebike is damaged by some kind of malfunction or improper operation, the Electric Bike circuit can take corresponding protection measures according to the feedback signal.

The battery is the core part of the Electric Bike, which is the power source of the foldable ebike, receiving electricity from the charger and storing it to drive the motor. Most of the batteries used in the market are lead-acid batteries, which are heavy, bulky, and stable in performance. Lithium batteries are not only green and environmentally friendly but also do not produce any toxic or harmful heavy metal elements or substances from production, or are used for final disposal.

The charger is the part that charges the battery, converts AC power to DC power, and stores it in the battery. The circuit design and electronic components of the charger will affect the battery life in use.

Other components of the Electric Bike include lamps, instrument lamps, meters, speedometer, power meter, light control system, mechanical system, booster system, etc.

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