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The origin and history of the automotive Rooftop tent

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The origin and history of the automotive Rooftop tent

Rooftop tent, also known as the "home" on the roof, is a peripheral industry that has emerged with the development of the automobile manufacturing industry. It has a history of 60 to 70 years. The earliest Rooftop tents began in the United States after World War I when automobiles began to become popular.

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l The origin of the Rooftop tent.

l The historical development of the Rooftop tent.

The origin of the Rooftop tent.

In Detroit, the "automobile capital" of the United States, there is a story circulating. In 1928, Arthur Sherman, the owner of a pharmaceutical company, drove on an outing with what was then new: a foldable canvas Rooftop tent with wheels, but it was laborious to install. So Sherman decided to design the RV and the interior of the RV himself. He was the first to invent the trailer-type RV compartment, and the product sold well, becoming the "father of the RV". The popularity of RVs continued until 1960 when a rooftop tent called "Trotent" appeared, and it was announced that the era of RVs was a thing of the past. At that time, many Americans used wooden boards to make simple houses, hung them on the back of the pickup truck, brought a Rooftop tent, sleeping pads, and cooking utensils, and started camping time, which is the origin of American RV culture.

The historical development of the Rooftop tent.

In 1949, the manufacturer Willys Jeep station wagon, produced four-wheel drive, the first off-road vehicle with an Aluminium Rooftop Tenton the roof. Although it is old, its appearance and design are not inferior to today's roof Rooftop tent. The Type 2 van launched by Volkswagen in Germany in the 1960s can be said to be the originator of modern minibusses and MPVs. Here, the RV update has reached its fifth generation. During the same period, a roof Rooftop tent called "Trotent" appeared, announcing the birth of the roof Rooftop tent. In addition, "Trotent" was also equipped with a changing room. In 1965, the folding roof Rooftop tent "Bedouin B" appeared, which can be transformed into a camping house in just 4 minutes. In 1968, Marigold Russell showed a Rooftop Tent, a roof-mounted car Rooftop tent, called the Rooftop Tent, which was also the third-generation prototype of the Rooftop tent. It wasn't until the 1990s that the watershed between motorhomes and rooftop tents came. The design of RVs is more luxurious, and "A-type RVs" based on mid-level buses have begun to appear, which are expensive and have limited camping life. And Napier has launched the first "car Rooftop tent", a convenient new option that allows camping life to go further.

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