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What are the categories of Rooftop tents?

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What are the categories of Rooftop tents?

More and more people enjoy traveling by car. Outdoor tents have been unable to meet the needs of self-driving enthusiasts. The rooftop tent has many advantages in terms of waterproof and moisture-proof, snake-proof and insect-proof, safety and comfort, and privacy protection. It has become a must for self-driving enthusiasts. One of the outdoor gear. Rooftop tents are also classified. Rooftop tents are classified into soft-top manual tents, hard-top automatic tents, and hydraulic semi-automatic tents according to their functions.

Here is the content list:

l Soft top manual Rooftop tent.

l Hardtop automatic Rooftop tent.

l Rooftop tent, hydraulic semi-autonomous vehicle.

Soft top manual Rooftop tent.

A soft Rooftop tent, as the name suggests, is a soft top that can be folded. The soft-top manual Rooftop tent needs to be built manually and the ladder is placed, but the interior space of the Rooftop tent will be relatively large. You can also build a large space enclosure under the ladder next to the car for washing clothes, bathing, resting on the seat, outdoor Picnic, etc., very practical, and the price is the cheapest. The advantage of the Rooftop tent is that it has a large space and is highly expandable. The professional tents used by outdoor camping enthusiasts are soft-top manual tents.

Hardtop automatic Rooftop tent.

The hard-top automatic tent is also called the fully automatic Rooftop tent. The hard Rooftop tent is hard and cannot be folded. Rooftop tents are all automated, one button can solve the problem of opening and closing, generally, it can be completed automatically within 10 seconds, the high-end is high-end, and it also avoids the trouble of setting up tents in a hurry, saving a lot of effort and time. This kind of tent does not need to be opened manually. Press the automatic switch and use the motor to assist, and the tent can be easily opened and closed in a few seconds. Hardshell Rooftop Tent is more resistant to blows, such as sandstorms, small hail, and the like. This type of tent, the Rooftop tent, is already structured, so it takes up more space to store it. At the same time, due to the relationship between the tent material and the automatic opening system, it is generally 3-6 kg.

Rooftop tent, hydraulic semi-autonomous vehicle.

There is also a hydraulic semi-autonomous vehicle Rooftop tent. The biggest difference from the second Rooftop tent is that it can be opened and retracted faster. The roof is generally made of fiberglass. After retracting, the roof is very clean and takes up little space. The space is also minimal, providing no more occlusion. The hydraulic semi-automatic Rooftop tent has the advantages of the quick opening of the hard top automatic tent and also has the characteristics of low price and high-cost performance of the soft top Rooftop tent.

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