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What are the categories of roof racks?

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What are the categories of roof racks?

In the eyes of many people, the car roof rack is nothing more than the two rods on both sides of the roof. The rough and hard ones are directly black, and the delicate and delicate silver is made to highlight the metal texture. In the eyes of real car dealers, these are not Two simple rods, roof racks are more than one or two categories. So how exactly should it be used to load luggage? One of the most widely used forms is to use a roof rack to install luggage on the roof, and before installing the luggage, a lateral bracket must be installed on the roof rack. The installation of the one-piece roof rack is not much different from that of the separate roof rack. Both use screws to fix the bayonet, and the position of the bayonet is very flexible, but the structure and shape of the bayonet are different.

Here is the content list:

  • Separate roof rack

  • Integrated roof rack

Separate roof rack

Detachable roof racks are very common. The structure of this roof rack is mostly separated from the roof, and only a few fixed points are connected to the roof. This roof rack is very convenient to add a luggage rack. If you don't want to add a luggage rack, you can also use ropes and nets to fix simple luggage, and it can also be used as a fulcrum to support our body when we usually wash the car so that You can easily clean the roof, which is generally used in Japanese cars.

Integrated roof rack

The integrated roof rack is also relatively common. This kind of roof rack is completely fitted on the roof of the car. From the visual effect, it looks more beautiful and delicate than the separated roof rack. The buckle position has been reserved on the roof. It is necessary to install the buckle on the reserved port, and then install the base on the buckle, which generally requires two people to complete. Its biggest advantage is that the height of the luggage rack is lower than that of the separate roof rack, which is generally more common on Audi models.

Although many sedans and MPV models are not equipped with luggage racks, they leave an interface for consumers to facilitate their installation in the future. However, if your car does not have a reserved interface, you don't need to worry. Now many luggage rack manufacturers have also taken into account the needs of this part of the model and designed a special roof rack buckle for this model, which is convenient for everyone to retrofit.

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