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What are the installation steps for the roof rack?

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What are the installation steps for the roof rack?

If you don't like the roof rack installed by the installer, or if you are afraid of trouble and want to install it yourself, you can come here. The installation of roof racks is very convenient and simple. Although it feels like a big project the installation of car roof racks has long been simplified by the brand owners. Installation can be completed!

Here is the content list:

  • Fasten the roof rack to the vertical rail.

  • Fasten the feet.

  • Install the lock cylinder.

Fasten the roof rack to the vertical rail.

Push the metal screw of the roof rack foot along the square groove at the lower part of the aluminum crossbar. It is very easy to use new accessories in this step. If it is found that it cannot be pushed in after disassembling it by yourself after a period of use, it is usually because the metal screw of the rack foot is missing. Loosen it in place, insert the aluminum rod handle into the metal screw of the frame foot, and twist it counterclockwise for more than 3 turns. Then install the rubber seal. First, cut the rubber sealing strip according to the length of the remaining aluminum rod between the two crank handles, and then snap it into the T-shaped groove on top of the aluminum rod. At this point, the roof rack is assembled. When the four legs are completely loosened, put the two sets of cross bars on the longitudinal rail, adjust the span of the legs and the distance between the two bars so that the lengths of the left and right ends of each aluminum bar are symmetrical, and the center of the front and rear bars The distance is not less than 700mm. It is best to measure and adjust with a tape measure in this step. The asymmetrical or skewed installation will increase wind noise. Because the original roof rails and rack feet have a good role in distributing the load, the overall front and rear positions of the roof rack have a little relationship. Users can determine the position according to their appearance and personal preferences, as long as the center distance between the front and rear rods is not less than 700mm enough.

Fasten the feet.

After the position of the roof rack is fixed, two people are required to simultaneously tighten the crank handle at the rod end from both ends. Pull out the crank handle for a while, and then tighten it clockwise. The claws of the rack feet of the roof rack will be tightened more and more tightly, and at the same time, the rack feet and the aluminum rod will be clamped more and more tightly. During the screwing process, the rack feet will be kept in position, and pay attention to the symmetry at both ends, because once tightened, the left and right positions of the silver bars are very difficult to adjust. How tight is appropriate, the simple solution is to only use the force of the wrist to tighten it. It is worth noting that you should not tighten it too hard to prevent the rubber pads and aluminum rods of the roof rack feet from deforming. Push the crank handle back into the plug after tightening.

Install the lock cylinder.

Use a key or a small screwdriver to pick off the round lock cover on the plastic rocker roof rack, insert the key into the lock cylinder and push the lock cylinder into the hole, screw it clockwise in place, lock the rear rocker and plug There should be no way to pull it out of the rod end. After the four cores are installed and locked, the whole set of roof racks is installed, and it cannot be disassembled without a key.

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