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What is a portable fridge?

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What is a portable fridge?

In modern times, some qualified families will configure portable fridges in their cars. The portable fridge, as its name implies, is a portable refrigerator that can be carried in a car. Portable fridges are a new generation of refrigeration and cold storage appliances that are very popular in the international and domestic markets in recent years. So, what are the characteristics of a portable fridge?

Here is the content list:

1. What is the principle of a portable fridge?

2. What are the advantages of a portable fridge?

3. What are the characteristics of a portable fridge?

What is the principle of a portable fridge?

As a continuation of household refrigerators, portable fridges use semiconductor electronic refrigeration technology. Of course, it can also be cooled by compressors. Generally speaking, portable fridges have low noise and low pollution. In the process of driving, you only need to insert the power plug into the cigarette lighter hole to cool the refrigerator. There are currently two main types of portable fridges on the market: semiconductor portable fridges and compressor portable fridges.

The principle of the semiconductor portable fridge is to refrigerate by a specific electronic chip, which is essentially a new refrigeration method by direct current refrigeration. The cooling temperature range of semiconductor portable fridges is between 5 and 65 degrees. The advantages of the semiconductor portable fridge are that it can cool and heat, is environmentally friendly, has no pollution, is small in size and has low noise, and its cost is low. However, the semiconductor portable fridge also has obvious disadvantages, that is, its refrigeration efficiency is not high and the capacity is small, the refrigeration temperature will be affected by the ambient temperature, and the refrigeration cannot reach below zero at all.

The refrigeration temperature of the compressor portable fridge is relatively low, ranging from -18 degrees to 10 degrees. Compressor portable fridge have higher refrigeration efficiency and can perform functions such as ice making and freshness preservation. Therefore, compressor portable fridges will be the mainstream of future development of portable fridges. The disadvantage of a compressor portable fridge is that it is heavy, inconvenient to carry, and the price is high.

What are the advantages of a portable refrigerator?

Anti-vibration and anti-shake: The portable fridge has good anti-vibration performance, so it is very suitable for use on bumpy roads.

Battery protection: When the portable fridge reaches the battery protection setting value, it will automatically cut off the power, so it can ensure that the car starts normally.

Anti-falling protection: When the portable fridges is in use, the slight tilt of the cabinet will not affect the normal operation of the refrigerator. When the tilt reaches 45° and above, the portable fridge will automatically stop working to protect the compressor.

portable fridge

What are the characteristics of a portable refrigerator?

1. To use a portable fridge, know its minimum cooling temperature, and it is best to move in those items that have been refrigerated or frozen in the household refrigerator.

2. When buying a portable fridge, choose products with low-voltage protection.

3. The user can be equipped with a power converter. In this way, the refrigerator can be used at home and in the car.

4. When using a portable fridge, try not to get water into the air inlet.

5. Magnetic objects must not be placed in the inner container of the portable fridge, otherwise, the internal cooling chip will be affected.

6. Do not put too hot and corrosive objects in the cabinet of the portable fridge.

7. The semiconductor portable fridge needs to cut off the power for 8-10 minutes before switching from a temperature mode to another mode.

It is the responsibility of each manufacturer to produce a portable fridge that meets the standards, to ensure the healthy development of the portable fridge market. Trustmade Co., Ltd. conducts many tests on the portable fridges before they leave the factory, and the quality qualification rate is guaranteed. If you are in the portable fridge business, you can consider our cost-effective products.




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