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What is the role of the roof rack?

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What is the role of the roof rack?

Roof racks first appeared on foreign station wagons, and more often appeared in the form of a combination of "luggage basket + fixed rope", supplemented by practical decoration. For long-distance vehicles (not just SUVs), you can install roof racks according to your own needs, such as placing bicycles or luggage, etc. Now SUVs are more for walking in the city, and vehicles do not need to carry a lot of luggage, so the car roof rack now has more functions It is to make the SUV look more "gamey". So whether the roof rack is useful or not depends more on personal needs. Some car owners are not only driving in the city, they often take a few friends to go on an adventure in the wild on Saturdays and Sundays, and they may need a roof rack at this time. So how should this thing be used? What is its specific function?

Here is the content list:

  • Fixed bike.

  • Secure the tent.

  • Transport luggage.

Fixed bike.

The first function of the roof rack is to fix the bicycle. If you don't like roof racks, then you are not a serious off-road enthusiast. If you want to ride in the wild, then the roof rack can help you effectively. It allows you to keep the bike firmly on the roof, without worrying about the situation where the backup car can't fit the bike, so you can't carry the bike.

Secure the tent.

The second function of the roof rack is to fix the tent. Some car owners want to go off-road outside, but they can only bring tents without an RV. But they were also afraid that if they pitched the tent on the grass, there would be some bugs or snakes or something. Therefore, if your car roof is relatively large, you can directly install the tent on the car roof, and the owner can rest directly in the tent, which is very safe.

Transport luggage.

The third function of the roof rack is to transport luggage. Some car owners who like to travel by car often carry a lot of luggage with the car, and it is impossible to fit all the luggage in the trunk. Therefore, you need the help of the roof rack on the roof and make full use of the roof rack, which is far more practical than the trunk. However, when placing luggage, you must pay attention not to exceed the load-bearing capacity of the roof, and the size of the roof rack should not be too large, exceeding the width and length of the vehicle, to violate traffic laws.

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