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What is the roof rack?

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What is the roof rack?

The car roof rack is installed on the top of the car body, used to secure the luggage safely and conveniently support frame or components, generally used in a two-van station wagon, SUV and MPV, and other models. The roof rack is most commonly used for self-driving travel. It can carry travel luggage with the roof box and the roof frame to increase the space in the car. It can also carry other sports equipment such as skis, bicycles, sailboats, and so on. Next, we will introduce the use, installation, and identification of the roof rack from several aspects.

Here is the content list:

l  What is the use of the roof rack?

l  How to install the roof rack?

l  How to evaluate the quality of the roof rack?

What is the use of the roof rack?

In addition to the decorative, beautiful role, it can put the luggage box can not put things, such as large luggage, bicycles, folding beds, and so on, as long as the owner of the goods fixed in place, especially in the goods with luggage rope net, it can carry more things than you expect. Of course, not more than the design of the luggage rack - 30 to 50 kilograms.

How to install the roof rack?

Installation of the roof rack, according to the specific situation, the owner of the task to complete the amount is not the same. Some cars have been installed with luggage rack when they leave the factory, of course, this kind of luggage rack knowledge is very simple to style, consumers can also choose their favorite change. There is also a case that the luggage rack is not assembled at the factory, but the installation position is reserved on the roof of the car, and generally equipped with reserved screws. For those vehicles that do not reserve the position of the roof rack, the owner had better not install it by himself, otherwise, not only the robustness of the rack can not be guaranteed, but also may damage the roof structure.

How to evaluate the quality of the roof rack?

Roof rack prices vary greatly due to the difference in materials. First of all, there are two kinds of materials, aluminum alloy, and high-strength plastic, in the main support part. Among them, aluminum alloy material has the advantages of high strength and lightweight, so it is used most widely, but the trace elements contained in the aluminum alloy are not the same, so the strength and hardness of materials produced are different. The high-strength plastic material of the roof rack is relatively easy to age, because the plastic is easy to expand in heat and contract in cold, and the assembly precision is poor. The material of the roof rack is the core of quality. There are two kinds of identification methods: one is to see whether the surface gloss is consistent, whether uniform, there are concave and convex points and cracks; The second is to see whether its mechanical structure is reasonable, which depends on the thickness of the material it uses, see whether the connection is connected closely, after the installation of the luggage rack, judge the rationality of its mechanical structure from the aspects of whether it is easy to deform.

In order to provide better service for the vast number of users, Trustmade has developed a variety of different roof racks, and before the factory to carry out a lot of tests to ensure quality. If you need the roof rack business, you can consider using our high-cost performance products.




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