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​What should we know about a rooftop tent?

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​What should we know about a rooftop tent?

The new rooftop tent is to provide a rooftop tent with a house shape design. Compared with the prior art, a new type of rooftop tent is provided with top poles on the frame between every two adjacent support frames of the rooftop tent cloth, and the corresponding tent can be installed on each side of the three support frames. In the tent. Five ejector rods are arranged on the frame, and a total of six support frames on both sides are combined with the five ejector rods in the middle to form a design similar to the upper shell. Such a design is more acceptable to people. The design also makes the tent cloth straighter, the sides are more compact, and the appearance is more beautiful. Next, let's introduce the product of this rooftop tent.


Here is the content list:

How to build a rooftop tent?

What is the technical background of the rooftop tent?

How to make a rooftop tent?


How to build a rooftop tent?

1. Take out the rooftop tent bracket and top cloth from the carton.

2. Open the rooftop tent frame by 50%.

3. Place the tarp on the top of the middle of the tent frame. The four feet of the tarp are aligned with the four feet of the tent frame and glued to the Velcro.

4. Pull the shelf 95% apart.

5. There are four spring buckles on the feet of each tent, which are buckled on the eyes of the square tube that moves up and down. If it is heavier, use shoulder strength (because it is a new cloth) and do the same for the four corners.

6. Pull out the four inner tubes with chassis, and they will automatically buckle when they reach a certain height, thus installing a small rooftop tent.


What is the technical background of the rooftop tent?

As many people in modern cities have a hobby of outdoor camping, some mountaineering enthusiasts, explorers,and other activities that require outdoor accommodation are inseparable from tents. Moreover, when countries and regions encounter severe natural disasters, a large number of tents are also needed. In this context, as a temporary substitute for fixed buildings, rooftop tents have gradually become popular, and their design ideas should also be similar to the design styles of buildings such as houses so that users can compare them. A small rooftop tent is easy to accept, especially the design of the upper end of the tent.


How to make a rooftop tent?

1: After the cutting bed has cut the necessary pieces, the sewing master can start the first process, which is to fix the top cloth of the rooftop tent on the top of each tent. You know, in order to solve the problem that customers often wear the roof and make the tent top cloth easy to wear, use the car's three-layer anti-roof cloth to fix the tent top on the top of the car rooftop tent cloth.

2: Turn over a layer of lace cloth on the outside after the three-layer top cloth is finished.

3: The four corners of the car lace. This process is unique to the Q6 series of rooftop tents. Each corner is added with a layer of original lace tent fabric, each corner is stitched with two pieces of cloth, and four corners need eight pieces of this lace cloth to resist. It is designed to be easy to wear. Designed for different parts.

4: The tent has four sides, and each side is composed of two tarpaulins. This step is to stitch the two top cloths on both sides of the tent with double threads:


Trustmade has developed a number of rooftop tents and conducted extensive tests before leaving the factory to ensure quality. If you are engaged in the rooftop tent business, you can consider using our cost-effective products.




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