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​Why use a rooftop tent?

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​Why use a rooftop tent?

A rooftop tent is a shed that is supported on a car or on the roof to shelter from wind, rain, and sunlight and for temporary living. It is mostly made of canvas, together with supporting things, which can be removed and transferred at any time. The tent is carried in the form of parts and assembled after arriving at the site. Therefore, various parts and tools are required. Understand the names and usage methods of each component, and be familiar with the structure of the tent, so that the tent can be erected quickly and easily. Now we will introduce the main body and materials of the rooftop tent.


Here is the content list:

What is the main body of the rooftop tent?

What is the material of the rooftop tent?

Why use a rooftop tent? 


What is the main body of the rooftop tent?

The rooftop tent contains pillars, also called pillars, which stand vertically on the ground. There are various types of straight one or two or three connections. The bends of some tubular pillars need to be connected by iron wires. It also contains a frame, which is used in bullet-type tents or cabin-type tents and is composed of short rod-shaped materials to form pillars or beams. The rooftop tent also contains a building, the top part of the tent. A rooftop tent also includes a roof, which forms part of the sloping surface of the tent. The rooftop tent also contains the walls, the part of the wall on the side of the tent. rooftop tents also include rain shelters: open a part of the roof to the front and support it with other pillars. The rooftop tent also contains a door, which is the entrance and exit of the tent. A window can be provided on the other side. rooftop tents also include ground mats: mats that are laid on the ground in the tent. rooftop tents also contain flying cushions: on the tent roof, another cushion is laid to protect from strong sunlight. Namely the second roof. The rooftop tent also contains the main rope: also known as the pillar rope. It is separated from the two ends of the pillar to prevent the pillar from tilting and fix it with nails. The rooftop tent also contains corner ropes: extending from the four corners of the tent curtain and fixed with nails. The rooftop tent also contains a waist rope: it extends from the bottom edge of the roof of the tent curtain and is fixed with nails.


What is the material of the rooftop tent?

The fabrics of rooftop tents are mostly polyester spinning fabrics. The quality is based on its thickness and warp and weft density. The technical indicators of waterproof fabrics are based on the degree of waterproofness. In order to enhance the beauty and feel, some manufacturers apply silica gel to the tent, which looks translucent. More importantly, this type of tent is relatively light. The waterproof fabric of the rooftop tent is only coated with AC or PU on the outside. Generally only used for children or game accounts.


Why use a rooftop tent?

The rooftop tent is a kind of self-driving tour equipment, mainly installed on the roof of the car to facilitate travelers to rest and can move with the car. Compared with ordinary camping tents, the biggest difference is that the rooftop tent is fixed on the roof rack on the top of the car, while the ordinary camping tent is stationed on the ground. The rooftop tent can be moved with the car. Self-driving travel enthusiasts call it a walking suite, which solves the problem of sleeping at night or lunch break at noon. The top tent has the advantages of high-temperature resistance, extreme cold resistance, weather resistance, moisture resistance, and strong toughness. Fully competent for tourism forms such as national tours. On the vast land, you and your companions are driving your car, Mercedes-Benz on the highway, the scenery you left behind is whizzing past the car window, and your heart is speeding toward your destination. On that high mountain, you and your loved one hug in the car rooftop tent, a glow, you see the sunrise is so magnificent.


Do you know where to buy qualified rooftop tents? Every manufacturer is responsible for producing industrial rooftop tents that meet the standards. Trustmade conducts a lot of tests on the rooftop tent before leaving the factory to ensure the user's experience of using the rooftop tent. If you are engaged in the rooftop tent business, you can consider using our cost-effective products.




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