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​How to choose an e-bike?

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​How to choose an e-bike?

In recent years, traffic jams, parking difficulties have been troubling People's Daily travel, and e-bikes as a convenient travel tool, gradually become the first choice of more and more people's transportation tools, so how to choose a suitable e-bike?


Here is the content list:

Does electric bicycle battery use what matters needing attention?

How do consumers choose and buy electric bicycles correctly?

How can consumers use e-bikes correctly?

How to choose between two kinds of braking?


Does e-bike battery use what matters needing attention?

There are two types of e-bike batteries: lead-acid and lithium. Lithium e-bikes are not prone to extreme accidents such as fires and explosions, but they are bulky and have a small capacity. Although Lead-acid e-bike is light, it is easy to explode and catch fire when squeezed, punctured, and at high temperatures.


How do consumers choose and buy e-bike correctly?

First, to compare the vehicle information. Read the instructions carefully, test ride before use to see if the e-bike is the same as the use content in the manual. The focus is to check whether the battery, charger, and other key parts are consistent with the information of the certificate and whether the supporting accessories are complete.

Second, buy it in the regular channel. You should choose a complete license, high market credibility, stable business status to buy e-bike, pay attention to ask for valid bills and properly preserved.


How can consumers use e-bikes correctly?

First, we should pay attention to the safety of the e-bike. Should not pull thee-bike or in the indoor, corridor charging, charge as far as possible in the short circuit protection, automatic alarm and other functions of the safe charging place. Second, avoid overcharging. Avoid long charging time, in principle, should not exceed 10 hours. Third, we should pay attention to check the battery condition. It is recommended that every six months to a year to inspect a professional maintenance site, such as battery bulge, aging wires should be replaced in time.


How to choose between two kinds of braking?

At present, the mainstream e-bike brake types on the market are mainly divided into disc brake and drum brake two ways. A disc brake is also known as a disc brake, disc brake disc through the hydraulic pump to push the brake caliper, grip the brake disc, brake force and hub brake are different, more linear, will not suddenly increase. The brake principle of an e-bike is to pull or push the brake hub in the brake hub so that the shoes on both sides of the brake block close to the inner wall of the wheel, achieve the braking effect. This two compare, the disc brake effect is generally better than the drum brake.


It is the responsibility of each manufacturer to produce an angle steel straightening machine that meets the standards. Trustmade conducts many tests on an e-bike for connection before they leave the factory, and the quality qualification rate is guaranteed. If you are in the e-bike business, you can consider our cost-effective products.




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