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If you want to know more about the e-bikes, the following articles will give you some help. These news is the latest market situation, trend in development, or related tips of the e-bikes industry. More news about e-bikes, are being released. Follow us / contact us for more e-bikes information!
  • What is the e-bike?
    What is the e-bike?
    What is the e-bike?E-bike refers to a mechatronics personal vehicle that uses storage batteries as auxiliary energy sources based on ordinary bicycles, and is equipped with a motor, controller, storage battery, handlebars, and other operating components and display instrument system.
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  • Why ride e-bikes?
    Why ride e-bikes?
    E-bike refers to the battery as auxiliary energy on the basis of ordinary bicycle, installed motor, controller, battery, switch brake handle and other control parts and display instrument system of mechatronics personal transportation. e-bikes do not emit toxic gases and cause air pollution, which i
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  • ​How to choose an e-bike?
    ​How to choose an e-bike?
    How to choose an e-bike?In recent years, traffic jams, parking difficulties have been troubling People's Daily travel, and e-bikes as a convenient travel tool, gradually become the first choice of more and more people's transportation tools, so how to choose a suitable e-bike? Here is the content li
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  • Do you know how to drive an e-bike correctly?
    Do you know how to drive an e-bike correctly?
    Do you know how to drive an e-bike correctly?A foldable e-bike is an innovative electric bicycle. The design concept is derived from the old bicycle with large front wheels and small rear wheels, giving people a unique feeling. The rider can sit upright, put his hands on his side to steer the helm,
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  • Do you know anything about electric bikes?
    Do you know anything about electric bikes?
    Do you know anything about electric bikes?On the street, you may notice people driving very fast on a car that is smaller than a motorbike. It doesn't require manpower, it looks more like a bicycle, it doesn't go as fast as a motorbike, but it goes faster than a regular bike. What is that? That's an
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