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Why ride e-bikes?

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Why ride e-bikes?

E-bike refers to the battery as auxiliary energy on the basis of ordinary bicycle, installed motor, controller, battery, switch brake handle and other control parts and display instrument system of mechatronics personal transportation. e-bikes do not emit toxic gases and cause air pollution, which is the first major advantage of e-bikes compared to cars and other means of transportation. Some people think that when the battery of the e-bike is worn out, it will also cause pollution. This view is not in line with reality. Because now there is a battery repair technology, can quickly repair the old batteries, the old batteries can still be bought and sold, and can achieve the unified management and treatment of the used batteries, so the e-bike is a green vehicle that will not pollute the environment. Next, we will introduce the basic situation of e-bike.

Here is the content list:

l  What are the advantages of e-bikes?

l  What kind of technological development has the E-bike undergone?

l  How to maintain the e-bike?

What are the advantages of e-bikes?

e-bikes can save energy. A car usually needs 5-15 liters of gasoline and a motorcycle needs 2-6 liters of oil to travel 100 kilometers, but an e-bike costs only 1-3 kilowatt-hours. In the world of energy, the crisis is increasingly intensified, the electric car is a very rational choice. e-bikes save money: Because of their energy efficiency, e-bikes are cheaper to use than other forms of transportation. For example, the same distance (estimated at about 1,000 kilometers per month) would cost a car user 600 yuan; It costs 200 yuan to use a motorcycle, but only 30 yuan to use an e-bike. Therefore, electric cars are popular among the masses. E-bike can save trouble: now with fuel cars, in addition to refueling expensive, there is a refueling difficult problem. With the sharp rise of the international oil price and the rapid increase of the total number of domestic automobiles, many gas stations are unable to supply gasoline 24/7, so motorists often have to wait in line for gas. Sometimes when you get to the line, you're told you're out of gas, and there's no gas station nearby, which upsets your whole life. E-bikes do not have the problem of refueling, as long as they are charged on time, they can completely replace cars in daily urban life. Even if the power runs out occasionally, temporary charging points dotted around the streets and parking Spaces in floors' basements can be a good solution.

What kind of technological development has the e-bike undergone?

Traditional lead-acid batteries are the Achilles heel of e-bikes due to their potential secondary pollution, heavyweight, slow charging speed, and short service life. The application technology of nickel-metal hydride battery for e-bike has gradually matured, and once the safety problem of lithium battery is solved, it can also be popularized. Technology leading e-bike production enterprises to increase the research on new energy, reduce the cost of new batteries, to e-bike stronger "source of life". Strengthen the research on e-bike charging technology, greatly improve the charging efficiency, prolong the battery service time. High-tech composite materials and high-strength light alloy materials will be more used in the manufacture of e-bikes. In the successful application of aluminum alloy materials, the use of titanium alloy, chromium-molybdenum steel, and other light, high strength materials, and carbon fiber and other polymer composite materials. Increase the intensity of e-bikes, reduce the weight of e-bikes. So that the bicycle performance and manufacturing technology revolutionary changes. Strengthen the research of e-bike motor, develop and apply new energy-efficient energy-saving motor, efficient compensation motor, and further improve the energy efficiency of e-bike


How to maintain the e-bike?

Pay attention to e-bike cleaning, especially after water in winter saltwater (many cities spray saltwater in winter after heavy snow to avoid icing) more timely cleaning, otherwise, it is easy to cause metal parts rust, paint film aging off. Second, we should pay attention to the maximum height adjustment of e-bikes. After riding the new e-bike for a period of time, according to the requirements of the manual, the whole car should be checked and adjusted. Fastening and lubrication are essential. Check whether the fasteners of the e-bike are loose, whether the transmission parts are flexible, pay attention to the oil slick on the e-bike chain after lubrication, the flywheel point a little oil can be cleaned. E-bike tires should be properly inflated, otherwise, it will affect the comfort and service life of the ride. E-bike brake is the basic guarantee of safety, but should be checked at any time, as long as there are problems should be immediately adjusted or repaired. The height of the saddle and handlebar should be adjusted before the use of the e-bike to ensure the comfort of the ride and reduce fatigue. The height of the e-bike saddle and handlebar should vary from person to person. The height of the general saddle is suitable for the rider to land reliably on one foot. The height of the handlebar of the e-bike is suitable for the rider to lay his forearm flat and relax his shoulder and arm. But the adjustment of the saddle and handlebar should first ensure that the insertion depth of the pipe and the riser must be higher than the safety mark line.

E-bikes have been widely used in cities and villages nowadays. Trustmade has carried out a lot of connection tests on e-bikes before leaving the factory to ensure the safety of users. If you need to buy an e-bike, you can consider using our high-cost performance products.




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