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The roof rack, You deserve it

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 The roof rack, You deserve it

The car roof rack is a support frame or component that is installed on the top of the car body to safely and conveniently fix the luggage. It is generally used on two-box station wagons, SUVs, and MPVs.

Here is the content list:

1. What is the purpose of the roof rack?

2. How to install the roof rack?

3. How to maintain the roof rack?

What is the purpose of the roof rack?

In addition to its decorative and aesthetic functions, the roof rack can hold things that can’t fit in the luggage compartment, such as bulky luggage, bicycles, folding beds, etc., as long as the owner fixes the goods in place, especially on the goods. If you add a luggage rope net, it can carry more things than you expect. Of course, it cannot exceed the designed load-bearing capacity of the roof rack-30-50 kg.

Roof racks are most commonly used for self-driving travel. They are used with roof boxes and roof frames to carry travel luggage to increase the space in the car. Other sports equipment such as skis, bicycles, and sailboats can also be carried.

 roof rack

How to install the roof rack?

When installing the roof rack, the amount of tasks that the car owner has to complete is different according to the specific situation. Some cars have a roof rack installed when they leave the factory. Of course, this kind of roof rack is only a very simple style, and consumers can also choose what they like to replace. There is also a situation that the roof rack is not assembled when leaving the factory, but the installation position is reserved on the roof, and it is generally equipped with reserved screws.

For those vehicles that do not reserve a roof rack position, the owner should not install it by himself, otherwise, not only the firmness of the roof rack cannot be guaranteed, but the roof structure may be damaged.

In the installation and use of roof racks, car owners need to pay attention to the following:

(1) After installing the roof rack, the screws should be inspected regularly. The inspection interval depends on different road conditions and load conditions. Generally, it is best to inspect once a week;

(2) The cargo should be tied tightly or fixed on the roof rack, all cargo should be placed evenly, and the center of gravity should be as low as possible;

(3) If ropes are to be used to bind luggage, it is best to use ropes that are not stretchable;

(4) When the items on the roof rack are large, drive carefully and pay special attention when braking.


How to maintain the roof rack?

1. The roof rack cannot be overloaded. Pay attention to the carrying weight of the roof rack and the actual carrying weight of the car;

2. Note that the roof rack should be installed with a lock core and a key, and be sure to lock and remove the key during use.

3. The roof rack made of aluminum alloy will not rust, but it will slowly oxidize during use. Rain or car wash water contains acidic or alkaline substances, which will also corrode the surface to a certain extent, and it will have a slight color after a long time. Spots, this is normal.

4. When carrying heavy objects or other hard metal objects, it is easy to cause slight scratches on the aluminum alloy crossbar, which is a normal wear phenomenon.

5. Make sure that the sealing strip has been installed on the crossbar during use to prevent dust and reduce wind noise.

6. After the roof rack is installed, it does not need to be disassembled frequently. For cars with ordinary roofs, frequent disassembly and assembly of the roof rack may damage the paint; for cars installed with reserved fixed points, frequent disassembly and assembly may cause damage to the screws at the fixed points. Therefore, although the roof rack can be disassembled, it is still necessary to make preparations to be fixed on the roof for a long time when choosing.

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