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What is an auto rooftop tent?

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What is an auto rooftop tent?

The auto rooftop tent, also known as the "home" on the roof, has a history of 50 to 60 years in the surrounding industries that have developed along with the automobile manufacturing industry. With the increase in car ownership in China, self-driving tours are gradually heating up, and auto rooftop tents are one of the optional equipment for outdoor self-driving tours. With the development of auto rooftop tents in the past few years, more and more new products have appeared in everyone's field of vision, and there have been significant improvements from the streamlined appearance to the weight reduction. This effectively increases the convenience of travel. Do you know the necessary installation knowledge of the auto rooftop tent?

Here is the content list:

Why install an auto rooftop tent?

What car can install an auto rooftop tent?

How to choose an auto rooftop tent?

What are the daily use problems of auto rooftop tents?

Why install an auto rooftop tent?

The auto rooftop tent is simple and quick to install, adapts to a variety of models, and complements off-road vehicles and SUVs. The auto rooftop tent is hailed as the home on the roof, which truly realizes the artistic conception of building a home outdoors and taking peace of mind. For friends who like to drive by themselves, car auto rooftop tents do have many inherent advantages, such as being higher than ordinary outdoor tents and living more comfortably (don’t worry about wet ground and crawling on rainy days, auto rooftop tents are usually more spacious). Living higher, with better scenery, and safer by comparison.

What car can install an auto rooftop tent?

In European and American societies where the camping culture is mature, almost all cars can be installed with auto rooftop tents, and the installation methods are almost the same. For SUV models, the first prerequisite for installing an auto rooftop tent is that the car must have a roof rack (the original factory is the best), and it must be bolted to the roof. Don’t stick to the roof. What looks like. It is important to know that the most common auto rooftop tent also weighs 40-60 kg, and the dynamic quality of driving when installed on the roof is even more amazing. When passing through bumpy roads or even accelerating and emergency braking, the pressure on the luggage rack is very large. So it must be strong. The second step is to choose the crossbar. The auto rooftop tent is not directly fixed to the longitudinal roof rack. You need to install the matching crossbar before fixing the auto rooftop tent. Of course, some hard-core off-road vehicles will modify the roof frame or flat roof frame, which saves the step of separately installing the crossbar. In the end, of course, the auto rooftop tent is installed, which is a laborious task.

car roof tent

How to choose an auto rooftop tent?

Auto rooftop tents can be divided into two categories: hardtop and soft top. Hardtop tents usually have a metal or hard material shell. The thickness of the auto rooftop tent can be better controlled by pneumatic tappets, and the wind noise can be controlled during driving. It’s also better, but it’s usually not pretty in shape and the price is higher. In addition, a lot of electric auto rooftop tents have been released recently. Reliability is a big problem. If they cannot be opened or closed in the wild, people will be very broken. In contrast, it is not troublesome to build an auto rooftop tent manually, and it can add some fun to your camping life. If it’s the first time to come into contact with a car auto rooftop tent, it is recommended to buy an entry-level soft-top tent and play with it to see if it is suitable for you. If you have some experience, you will not lose much if you change to another model for second-hand.

What are the daily use problems of auto rooftop tents?

First of all, it is troublesome to install and disassemble the auto rooftop tent. If there is no hanging rail tool (which is hardly seen in China), there are no two or three adult men who can't move at all. There is also the problem of the height of the auto rooftop tent. Usually, the height of our SUV is about 1.8-1.9 meters. After installing the crossbar and auto rooftop tent, the height of the car will be 2.1-2.3 meters. Since then, it has been compared with many underground parking lots and restrictions. Say goodbye to the high poles, and when you don’t go out camping, you wear an auto rooftop tent. Not to mention the higher fuel consumption, the wind noise is louder, and many places can’t go. In addition, the auto rooftop tent takes up a lot of space. Do you have a garage for such a big guy? After considering these issues, you can consider starting a car auto rooftop tent.

Every manufacturer is responsible for producing auto rooftop tents that meet the standards to ensure the user experience. Before leaving the factory, Trustmade conducted a lot of tests on the auto rooftop tent to ensure the safety of use. If you have related needs for car auto rooftop tents, you can consider using our cost-effective products.




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