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Why choose a rooftop tent?

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Why choose a rooftop tent?

Rooftop tents are an ideal solution for those who are keen on exploring the outdoors but are unwilling to sleep with bugs and small animals. The height of the rooftop tent keeps you a certain distance from the ground and keeps you a safe distance from the local wild animals that may enter the tent. If the ground is wet, muddy, or uneven, raising the ground may also be particularly beneficial. Let's introduce the rooftop tent below.

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What are the advantages of rooftop tents?

What are the types of rooftop tents?

The composition of the rooftop tent

What are the advantages of rooftop tents?

With a rooftop tent, you can say goodbye to lengthy and frustrating setups: there are no nails, pins or poles to be misplaced or difficult to build. You just need to select a parking spot, open the rooftop tent, and pop it up. Usually, fixing a ladder is also a quick and easy process. Building on the roof also means that you won’t have to waste time setting up a tent on flat ground, and you won’t have to carefully select all the rocks from where you sleep. Rooftop tents can provide a flat floor for your camping trip, and all tents are ready to be equipped with built-in mattresses to provide luxury elements in the wilderness. Conventional tents must be lightweight because campers often need to carry them. Rooftop tents do not have this restriction, as they will obviously be transported by your vehicle. The advantage of this is that heavier and more durable materials can be used, so that the rooftop tent is more wear-resistant, can withstand bad weather, and has better thermal insulation capabilities.

What are the types of rooftop tents?

Therooftop tents are designed in consideration of different purposes and come in different styles. As far as the shape of the rooftop tent is concerned, there are five common ones:

1. Triangular tent: The front and back use herringbone iron pipes as the support, the middle frame is connected by a crossbar, the inner tent is supported, and the outer tent can be installed. This is the most common rooftop tent style in the early days.

2. Dome-shaped tent: It adopts double rod cross support, which is easy to disassemble and assemble. It is currently the most popular style on the market.

3. Hexagonal tent: It adopts three-pole or four-pole cross support, and some adopt a six-pole design, which pays attention to the stability of the tent, which is a common style of "mountain-type" tents.

4. Boat bottom tent: After being propped up, it looks like a boat turned back, and can be divided into two-pole and three-pole different support methods. Generally, the middle is the bedroom and the two ends are the hall sheds. The design pays attention to the wind-proof flow line, and it is also a common rooftop tent style.

5. Roof-shaped tent: Shaped like an independent small tiled house, the support is usually four corners and four pillars, and a ridge-like structural roof is built on top. This kind of tent is generally tall and heavy, suitable for motorists or relatively fixed fieldwork camping. Known as the car tent.

rooftop tent

The composition of the rooftop tent

The rooftop tent has the functions of preventing wind, rain, snow, cold, dust and mosquitoes, and isolates an independent and safe personal space for outdoor athletes in the wild environment. The rooftop tent is mainly composed of four parts: inner and outer tents, brackets, the bottom of the tent, packaging, and auxiliary accessories. In addition, the design and support method of the rooftop tent is also important technical indicators.

Do you know where to buy qualified rooftop tents? Every manufacturer is responsible for producing industrial rooftop tents that meet the standards. Trustmade conducts a lot of tests on the rooftop tent before leaving the factory to ensure the user's experience of using the rooftop tent. If you are engaged in the rooftop tent business, you can consider using our cost-effective products.




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